Golf – When to Say Uncle!

Today, was an unusual day for me. I was excited to have the opportunity to play in the afternoon after travelling for 3.5 hours home from helping my brother-in-law build his house. The forecast was for rain, but that does not stop me! With the Regional Military Competition in just 3 weeks, I need to hit the links as much as I can. So, I called my friend Jean and convinced him that it was only drizzling and it was suppose to clear up. After bribing him with coffee, he agreed to meet me at the course.


First green at Roundel Glen Golf Course! Just a little wet!

As we prepared to go out, our friends at the Proshop gave us the lazy eye and shook their heads in disbelief that we were heading out to play a round. I was still full of hope and confidence that the weather would quickly change and we would be playing in the sun and warm weather!

Well, the shroud of hope quickly turned to the realization that we would do well to finish the round! As the rain continue to pour down, it was like a boxer taking body blow after body blow!

As I walked up to my ball on the first hole, I realized that my dream of a great round continue to fade. But, ever the optimist, I refuse to give in. The fact the bunkers had 6 inches of water in them was nothing, I convinced myself that this was only one bunker and the rest would be fine.

Walking down the par 5, second fairway, we dodged a lake of puddles. I am not talking casual water, but standing water we could fish in! But, I was not to be deterred! It was going to get better….oh yeah, it started to rain harder!


Second green at Roundel Golf Course. Just a little wet!

When I reached the second green, I was convinced that my dream of a 18 holes today was still possible, but the probability of finishing was in question. As I saw the river flowing down the 2nd green, we realized that it might be time to look for an exit strategy!

With our course design, it was just as quick to play 3 and 4, then 8 and 9, then to just walk in. So that is what we did. We played six holes on a course that was actually unplayable. I was just fooling myself from the beginning. However, I am sure, if the rain had stopped I could have convinced my friend to play all 18 holes.

But since the rain has not stopped, and it is 2 hours since we left the course, it was a good decision to call ‘UNCLE’ and walk off the course! Having played 6 holes was fun and better than nothing, but tomorrow is another day and I am looking forward to hitting the links after work!

Have you ever left the course because of rain? Share your story!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!