Golf is All About the Memories!

DSCF3983About 20 years ago, my Mom decided I needed a special gift to commemorate the milestone of ten years service within the Royal Canadian Air Force. As I continue to serve to this day, golf has provided many exciting experiences through the years. I have talked about those times before and continue to think fondly of those memories. Of all the golfing ‘stuff’ I have collected or received, this putter, which she had specially made, is one of my favorite and cherished mementos.

I am pretty sure most avid golfers have a collection of golf paraphernalia that makes them proud! It might be a signed hat; their hole in one ball displayed on their mantle or a picture or selfie with a golfing celebrity. Regardless of what the unique object is, it is special to the owner because of the memory it invokes. There are many fanatics who collect lots of golfing ‘stuff’ and love each and every piece, however, as much as I love the game, I have only a few cherished treasures.


Old RCAF Collar Dog inlaid in the face of the putter.


Wooded headed putter hand made.

For me, it is not really about the physical items, but more so, the memories. I can remember my first hole in one, golfing with an astronaut, and teaching my daughter to swing a golf club, like it was yesterday! I can remember winning golf tournaments with my Mom and how excited she would get when we played together (win or lose). All of my memories bring a smile to my face, and help me remember why golf is an important part of my life.

Looking at my collection of special golfing mementos from time to time, I always fade to the memories associated with them. For me, it is not about the stuff, but the joyous memories they hold.

For those collectors of all things golf, what memories are associated with your ‘stuff’?

What is your favorite memory – we would all like to know.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

Thank You Golfing Bloggers!

Many golf bloggers have a small group of fellow fanatics they talk to regularly. I am no different. Daily, we share our thoughts and views about all aspects of golf. Sometimes the conversation leads to differences of opinion, but mostly we talk like sportsmen and I always leave with a positive vibe.

Grateful Golfer

For the past two years, I have been fortunate to interact with people from New Zealand, U.K., USA, Canada, Ireland, and many other places. Golfers from 112 countries have graced my blog with comments, likes, and some were just looking. How cool is that!

Blogging about golf has helped me through some trying personal challenges, frustration about my golf game, and to keep a real perspective about what is really important! For those who are wondering, it goes in this order: family, health, friends, golf! Without the first three, golf is really not important to me at all.

The greatest rewards of having a golf blog is the connections I have made over the past two years. Some connections have faded, but are not forgotten. Routinely, I talk to my e-friends (because we have not met yet) about golfing news, tips, techniques, our ups and downs on the links and how to steadily improve our scores. Not surprisingly, all the great advice and encouragement has improved my golf game substantially! For that, I am grateful to my e-friends.

There are about 10 of you I talk to on a regular basis and you know who you are! To you and all the others who take the time to connect with me, I am grateful. Your perspective on golf and life is refreshing.

Thank you for all the advice, help and friendship! Because of our positive interaction, it is easy to be a grateful golfer!

The Race to Dubai

Race To Dubai

Rory McIlroy – 2012 DP World Tour champion and Race to Dubai Number One (Getty Images)

The Race to Dubai is over. A la Vijay Singh in the 2008 FedEx Cup playoffs, Rory McIlroy has earned enough points to be championed winner before the race is officially over. Moreover, McIlroy must wait one more tournament, the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, before he can raise another championship trophy over his head.

The Race to Dubai winner receives The Harry Vardon Trophy (first awarded in 1937), and a seven year European Tour Card exemption. The winner of The Race to Dubai will secure Category 1 Membership of The European Tour similar to the winners of The Open Championship, the US Open, the US PGA Championship and the Masters Tournament. (European Tour)

Winning the Race to Dubai for the second time in three years, 26 year-old Rory McIlroy continues to demonstrate that he is the best player in the world. There are those professionals who test McIlroy’s great play, however none have demonstrated the ability to challenge him week in and week out! At this time, McIlroy overshadows all professional golfers.

Congrats to Rory McIlroy on another great win! I guess the real question is what is next for the young phenom! Will he have another year of winning two Majors? Is a Grand Slam is his future? Perhaps a career grand slam? Another player of the year?

It is very difficult to determine what is in store for young McIlroy. There is little question that the experts will be talking about a golfing dynasty, challenging Jack and Tiger as the all-time best, or shattering record after record! I would suggest that it is a bit early for that. Rory McIlroy is a great player, maybe one of the best, however longevity is every professional golfers nemesis. It is prudent to celebrate his current successes, but also prudent to talk about his future with cautious optimism.

Players such as Harry Vardon, Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were the young stars of their day. What turned them into superstars was longevity! They had (have) long distinguished careers that stood (stand) the test of time. So before we buy tickets to his coronation, lets see what 2015 and perhaps 2016 are in store the best player in the world.

Rory McIlroy is a great player. I do congratulate him on winning the 2014 Race to Dubai. I also look forward to watching him play for many years to come!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!