Lending a Helping Hand

Easter Sunday is a time for reflection and is quickly coming to an end. For many, it is a time of reflection and happiness for the wonderful things in their lives.  For others, it is a challenge to be grateful for the things in their lives. Yet there are some who need help and understanding as they struggle to achieve even the most minor of things; for those, there are special people who extend a helping hand and a leg up.

The PGA Tour of Canada and The United States support two of many important charities – True Patriot Love Foundation and Birdies for the Brave, respectively. These two particular charities are focused on supporting the brave military men and women who serve both at home and abroad. I am grateful to the PGA for their unwavering support to my brothers in arms!

The PGA also supports many other charities throughout the golfing year. Their motto “Together, anything’s possible” says it all. Virtually every tournament has an associated charity where the giving never seems to stop. Although the Tour receives most of the recognition, it is extremely important to recognize the thousands of volunteers who selflessly give their time and money to all the worthy causes. As a volunteer through the years, I am grateful to volunteers, who without, none of this would be possible!

Charity is not always on a grand scale and does not need to raise money. Sometimes time is far more important and a little help goes a long way to positively impact people’s lives.  If we were to look around our neighbourhood, there are places to help. Whether it be at the local school, church, community centre or sports team – charity of time is extremely important.

10256053_10152393304113552_833345085_nOver the past couple years, my nephew-in-law has coached the local floor hockey team. This team has thrived under his leadership and all the players are devoted to him and the team.  He continually provides them support, understanding and guidance which in turn is transferred into their daily lives. This particular situation is not uncommon, but what does make it unique is that the floor hockey team is part of the Sudbury Special Olympics. My nephew-in-law has explained how these players never cease to surprise him by their efforts and love for the game and each other.  It is truly inspiring. Recently, a local business, KGHM International where my sister-in-law works, stepped up to buy uniforms; their local financial contribution has made a tremendous impact on the community and the local athletes. Recently, a hockey game between Special Olympics Sudbury, now named the KGHMI Miners, and the Cops to Conquer Cancer hockey team was a huge success and great fun was had by all! Their inspiring story shows how a few dedicated people can make a huge difference in the lives of many!

Being grateful for so many things does not stop at Easter.  Whether large organizations, like the PGA, are focused on helping on a grand scale or whether a few volunteers make a tremendous difference in their local community, I for one am grateful for their efforts. Sometimes it does not take much to have a positive impact on someone’s life and Easter is a time for reflection and an opportunity to help.

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!

Playing Golf with Friends

How often do you golf with friends? When you do, are they golfers or friends who just wanted to golf? One of the great things about golf is that it can be shared with anyone. Through the years, golf has been the conduit to meeting some great people.

My job has me moving every few years and last fall, before I left, my co-workers wanted to go golfing.  For years we talked about golf and I guess they wanted to see if I was all talk. So, one faithful afternoon we all decided to hit the links and turn our talk into action.

Golfing for FunAs we discussed the details of when and where, one of the guys was talking about his clubs.  Well, clubs might be a stretch.  He had three clubs plus a putter.  His golf bag was, well, a bag.  Yup, a green bag. His golf shoes were sandals and his attitude towards golf was awesome! He did not worry about anything, I mean anything.  If he it the ball into the woods, he smiled.  If he lost a ball, he smiled. If he…..he smiled. His was the perfect attitude for playing golf with friends!

DSCF7278Our other playing partner was a bit more serious.  He loves golf and likes to play often.  He works on his swing by going to the range, practices his chipping and putting, and is getting better all the time. He also has the perfect attitude for golfing with friends. His expectations are higher, but his temperament is great. He also smiled throughout the entire round. He did not worry about anything except having a great time.

As the day progressed, we talked about a great many things – some golf related, most not.  It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better and enjoy golf. It was a fantastic send off and hopefully, we will be able to get another round in this year.

Golfing provides many opportunities to meet great people.  Through the years, I have met many interesting people on the links. I have been fortunate to have always heard ‘yes’ when I asked to join a group. I have never refused anyone to join our group. Meeting friends, new and old, is the aspect I like the most about golf.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links…soon!

Desire to Succeed

Always Got With Sunrise Image

Desire is a driving force! It is the fuel that drives the machine of life. Desire is what quietly pushes you towards achieving your goals. This philosophy, if followed, can expand your very existence beyond what you may think is possible. Desire provides the ‘get up and go’, for those who always seem to be motivate. This very ideal is important to any golfer wanting to achieve success.

Many amateurs talk about wanting to be better golfers. They discuss various techniques of great shots to lower their score, but rarely practice. They continually buy more equipment thinking they are working on their game, but nothing changes. They watch the professionals, looking for the next big tip, but forget to try it when they go to the course. Personally, I have been in this exact situation early in my golfing days. I thought I was working on my game, but actually I was not changing anything yet expected different results.

About 25 years ago something changed. I received a taste of what it was like to break 80 and thought how great it felt! From that point, my expectations changed and with that my desire to be a scratch golfer was born. Since that time, I have practiced, learned, and focused my attention on how to play better golf. The cool thing is, as I took baby steps towards improving, my desire continued to grow. Now, my desire has morphed into a passion for golf. Interestingly, as my desire/passion grew – my baby steps turned into a brisk walk – then a jog. Now, my desire to improve all aspects of my game is like an erupting volcano! As I move forward, I am learning to harness and focus this passion to steadily improve my game.

Desire is important to success; however people must decide for themselves how good of a golfer they want to be! The only right answer is the one the individual chooses!
I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links…soon!