Shot of the Day!

I like to go on various sites and watch the shot of the day.  It is exciting to see these exciting and rare shots.  But are these shots really rare?  Some would say that the pros (and amateurs) make these remarkable shots all the time.  I would say, that media has allowed the average golfer to watch special shots without having sift through countless mundane shots.

Take for instance Phil Mickelson’s putt at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  The 56 foot 7 inch putt was awesome.  It was considered the shot of the day.  I am sure there were other great shots, but this one was clutch and led to him winning the tournament.

Well, to put this into perspective: there were 74 players, 5089 shots in the final round with a scoring average of 68.77.  Out of all those strokes, Phil’s putt was the selected shot of the day.  That is 0.00019652 percent of a chance to have his shot selected.  I would say that is pretty impressive.  Additionally, he was under tremendous pressure because Brandt Snedeker was making a late charge and Phil’s putt closed the door.

My point today is that anyone can have a shot of the day.  The perfect shot is in everyone at any time.  But, the pros (or even extremely capable amateurs) seem to make it look easy.  It is something to aspire too!  57 days before the courses open….see you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Shot of the Day!

  1. Love the stat use! And 57 days….I’m hoping its a little sooner than that. I’m lucky though, I can go 90 minutes and be in southern NJ and a boatload of decent courses.


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