I Should Have Brought A Shovel!

First Time OutAfter long last, I made it to out golfing.  Being away last week during the fantastic weather delayed my yearly pilgrimage to the driving range.  Today, a friend of mine and I shared a large bucket of balls….about 40 balls each.  That was enough for me.  Unfortunately, the chipping and putting area were closed, but that is okay.  I will definitely be practicing my short game very soon.

As I hit started to hit balls, I realized something:  I should have brought a shovel!  I was digging and scooping and, and, and!  It was not pretty.  I did hit a few good shots with my 7-iron, 3 wood and driver.  However, I planted a garden with the rest.

The main reason I only hit a few balls is to reacquaint my body with golf.  The twisting and moving of my hips and back.  Trying not to hold the club too tight.  The alignment of my body to the direction I want to hit.  All these are important and my experience is not to over do the first time out.

Tomorrow, I hit the links…not that I am ready, but the season started late this year so I am going to compressing my preseason routine.  It was great to swing a club today.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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