Life Transitions and Golf – Part 2

As most of you have figured, I have moved for my job.  I am looking for the new chapter in my life.  We are still working through the many wonderful aspects of moving, however after so many moves we are more relaxed and grateful for the positive things of our new life transition.  One of the positive changes for me is the opportunity to play new golf courses.

My new home course is Roundel Glen golf course at Trenton, ON.  It is a shooters course where length does not play as an important role as my previous course; Osprey Links Golf Course at Callander, ON. (Sorry no links, I still restricted on my access to IT.

I have played my new course twice.  Yesterday and today.  Yesterday was interesting because everything was new….tight fairways, postage stamp greens and new undulations on the greens.  Not to be fooled by the new surrounds, I went back to the basics by focusing on course management, playing safe, and not being too aggressive.  My tentativeness resulted in an 80 with three doubles!  Not really too bad, but not the start I was hoping for; that is for sure.

Today was a different story.  I played a more aggressive game and focused on my GIR stat.  Well it paid off.  I went thee over for the front, two under for the back, for a smooth 73.  The biggest difference between yesterday and today was: I trusted my swing and had the confidence to play my game.  Thanks to Brian, Pete, Rick, and Vet for reminding me the importance staying focused and to forge ahead with my plan of improving my GIR stat.

So, here I go with renewed gusto for my favorite game.  I have reconnected with some old friends and look forward to more time on the course.  I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Life Transitions and Golf – Part 2

  1. Excellent. Glad you are enjoying. I stumbled across this blog as I am the Greens Superintendent at Roundel Glen…..Absolutely love your passion for golf.

    Reading ahead on a few articles, noteably putting green speed versus golf green speed……we at Roundel.perform the same procedures too the putting green as the rest of the greens on the course. I think Superintendents are doing their best too accomodate this issue as it comes up in our discussions amongst each other as well.

    Would love yoo stop and have a chat someday….

    enjoy the golf.



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