The Wild World of Golf

As the holiday season arrives, I like to reflect on how grateful I am for my fantastic life. Each year I realize how much golf means to me by the Christmas cards we receive with the golfing theme (thanks Dale and Nancy).


I read blogs like the Adam SarsonBrewcee’s Golf Blog, Lets Talk Golf, Golf Habits, All About Golf and White Dragon Golf.  Some commiserate with me about the cold weather and others keep me informed about the golfing world and helps me pass the 5 months of non-golfing in Canada.  I like watching the golfing events around the world and see players like Sergio Garcia win tournaments in other parts of the world….and watch as he prepares for the Masters!

Lastly, I like to see people from different parts of the world look at my blog.  Today, there were people from the US, Spain, South Africa, Malaysia, Finland, Germany and Australia. It is amazing how easy golfing blogs can touch different parts of the world.  Another thing to be grateful for!

The holiday season is fast approaching and I am looking forward to a few days off and hanging with my best friend.  I hope everyone is going to enjoy their holiday season.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!



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