Facing Challenges in Golf

The ability of any golfer to face challenges with confidence is difficult at best. Through the years, I have overcome several set backs, but there was one thing that always helped me stay confident and focused. It was nothing earth shattering or profound, however it was always around and all I needed to do was to remember what it was.

Before I reveal my secret weapon, take a moment and see if you can guess what it is! It is in everyone of us, we all have access to the source of this great tool, but we have to believe that it is there to help….always. Lastly, we have to be able to accept this simple, yet powerful thing when it shows itself. Have you figured it out yet?

The belief that my next shot is the one that fixes my game! I always believe that no matter how challenging my golf game is, that the next shot will show me the way back to playing well. Before you call me goofy and crazy, think about it.

You are playing a round of golf and your first four holes are a complete struggle, then out of no where, you hit the perfect shot! All of a sudden your attitude changes, the confidence increases, and everything is working like a well oiled machine. This happens often and I would suggest to every golfer.

So, when my four holes turns into a couple rounds (or more) I do not panic. I try to clear my head from all the white noise and let my game shine through. I have unwavering confidence that my game is just one shot away!

What do you think? Do you have that one shot in your bag?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Facing Challenges in Golf

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  2. I call that “The one shot that keeps me coming back.” We have all done it at one point or another and because of it we know we can do it again. Next we must find the 3 holes that keep us coming back…. then the 9 holes and eventually a full round that we can place on our mental trophy mantle. To Better Golf!

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  3. Jim, it’s funny the way that next shot works, especially during a poor round or stretch of holes, as you have noted. I’ve observed, on more than one occasion, that during a particular poor ball striking round, I find it on the 17th or 18th tee and find myself wondering, “If only I had tried that earlier!” 🙂

    Love the optimism in your approach!


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