My Thoughts on the US Open

2015-US-OPEN_LOGOMany of you may or may not know, but I write for a sports media platform called Pundit Arena; it provides aspiring journalists and highly articulate fans with an audience to showcase their work. My articles focus on golf and hopefully offer some reading enjoyment for all golfers. With the US Open on the horizon, here are a couple of articles that I think you might like.

The US Open – Focus on Golf

The US Open – A Battle of Attrition

I think Phil Mickelson will complete his career grand slam this weekend and finally get that monkey off his back. The competition will be intense, course will be crazy, and the thrills over the top. But, Mickelson is finally ready after 6 second place finishes!

What are your thoughts on the US Open?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

12 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the US Open

  1. would be nice to see Phil get this one under his belt but i’m still going with Ricky Fowler – maybe a bit of a long shot choice but i think his game could better adapt to this unusual course. didn’t know you wrote for those outlets but will check out those articles. thx!

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  2. Jim
    I did read you articles – good stuff , fair and honest. Now Phil is a sentimental pick for most people and though I am not a Phil fan I think he is a worthy champion. As for TW well the guy is searching for a game. My pick for the tourney is Jason Day. As a side note I have played Chambers Bay. It is a stunning and difficult course – even before a USGA setup. I can’t wait to watch this grand event. The US Open is my favourite tournament.

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  3. Jim, love your articles at Pundit Arena. I read them all. Phil is certainly the sentimental pick. Wouldn’t it be something if he closes the deal. I think he gets close but doesn’t finish. Working through my picks now and will have them up shortly. Thanks!


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  4. Jim,

    What a story it would be if Mickelson completed the slam, after all those close calls. I think his game and creativity could suit this course. I won’t be rooting against him!

    I have to stick with my early season (back in March) prediction of Rory McIlroy. He has followed up disappointment with a US Open victory before, and I think he has the ability to do it again despite poor form recently.

    Can’t wait to see how Chambers Bay plays! Visually, it is stunning.


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