Playing Golf With New Friends

Jim Norm Dave Mr. Print

Norm and Dave from Mr. Print meeting for the first time in a charity event with The Grateful Golfer last year!

On Thursday I was fortunate to play golf with my new friends Dan and Michael. I caught them on the third tee and they offered me to go through or to join them. The course was pretty busy, so I quickly agree and a group of three grateful  golfers formed. These two gentlemen, whom I had never met before, were doing a recce of the course because they are playing in a scramble on Friday. Both seemed very excited and had not played Roundel Glen in a very long time.

Was we played the front nine, we all became acquainted and it was quite nice to hear the stories of their friendship. Interesting, they were both veterans and we talked about our military tours overseas and some of the same operations in which we served. It was very interesting to hear how things were different and yet, still the same. Overall, it was a great round of golf and I was very glad that I joined them.

A couple of years ago, I talked about golf being a contact sport. I still believe that golf offers a great opportunity to meet new people and expand our understanding of world around us! I love reading stories about chance encounters (or planned) of golfers and how they golf was the mechanism that facilitated their new experience.

If you are looking for similar stories of encounters with new and old golfing friends, check out Wayne at Golfing at Kauai; you will understand what I mean!

Golf is a great contact sport! Meeting golfers and making new friends is only one of the many aspects of golf that keeps me coming back again and again! How about you? Do you like playing with strangers?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Playing Golf With New Friends

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  3. I completely understand what you mean Jim I typically play “solo” on Saturday mornings, taking my chances as a single at the public courses in my area.

    Different people and stories every week! Glad you had another great experience on the links 🙂

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