Divots on the Driving Range

Yesterday, I had a great conversation on Twitter with a couple of Grateful Golfers. Barry was asking about how divots should be made on the golf course to best protect our driving ranges. Kelly Crumpler, a USGTF Teaching Professional, indicated that the line method is the best when practicing our irons and protecting our practice areas.

ProperDivotPatternonRangeI thought I discussed this issue in earlier posts, but it seems that I did not. After a bit of research there is what the USGA says:

Practice in a linear pattern by placing each new shot directly behind the previous divot.

Leave a strip of turf between each line of divots.

The USGA is not the only organizations to suggest that the proper method to hit irons on a range is by using the line method. There are many videos, images and recommendations stating that the line method helps keep the driving range healthy for the entire golf season. Here is a video from explaining why the line method is the way to go!

From a personal note, I discussed this very issue with my club superintendent, Jeremy Sizer, and club GM, Mike Clare, and both indicated that the line method is the best to make sure that the Roundel Glen Golf Course driving range is usable all year by everyone!

Preferred divot pattern1

It is important to make sure we care for our golf course and its practice facilities. We sometimes feel that there is nothing to growing grass, but Jeremy has patiently explained things differently to me many times. Our superintendent and his team do tremendous work keeping our course in fantastic shape! The condition of the course during the 2015 golf season was the best in recent years.

I am hoping that next year will be even better, I for one will do my part by using the line method on driving range when practicing. Will you?

Thank you to Barry and Kelly for being the inspiration for this post! If anyone else has thoughts or ideas on a golfing topic, let me know, I am always open to discussing anything golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Divots on the Driving Range

  1. That is possibly the best post I’ve seen on WordPress! Well said. I used to watch the pros at my golf club do the line divot method and naturally copied them. My dad took decades to start doing this, always wanting to see which direction his divot went – like it told him something about his swing he didn’t know! But I see the scatter divots on practise ranges everywhere, it’s just not logical. Great to see your club being proactive about it.


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