Happy Mother’s Day

Happy-Mothers-Day-WhatsApp-PhotosHappy Mother’s Day to all the special people who make our lives awesome! My Mom passed four years ago, but I think of her every day and thank my lucky stars that she guided me through my life. She was a loving, good-humoured, and strong woman who always knew exactly what to say and at the right time. She was a great influence in my life and I love her dearly!

My Mom was also known for her insatiable desire to become a better golfer. In 20132014, and 2015, I talked about some unique golfing stories that were dear to my heart and this year will be no different!

My Mom loved to play games. One of her favorite games was scrabble. As an ex-school teacher, private in the military, bank teller, and avid reader, Mom could spell and knew more words than one would expect. Almost every Sunday, I would scoot over to her place for a couple of games of scrabble and some mince-meat tarts!

It was our special time together when we laughed, joked, and talked about our weekly happenings. In between turns, Mom, in her quiet way, would give advice and suggestions on very difficult challenges in my life that always made me feel like I could conquer the world. It was a time in my life I will always cherish. But do not be confused by my loving story; my Mom would never let me win…..actually, she never let anyone win!

She would follow the rules, respect her competitor, and disarm you with her loving smile! As with scrabble, she was the exact way on the golf course. She followed all the rules and was a stickler for etiquette. My Mom never complained if someone else stretched the rules of etiquette, but she never did! I think she passed that approach to golf on to me. If needed, she would call a rules infraction on herself regardless of the consequences to her score. She was an awesome example of honesty and integrity that golf embodies!

Although my Mom is gone now, however I think she follows me on the course. She is like my spiritual caddie who watches how I play the game and quietly offers me advice on rules and etiquette. I think of my Mom often and I am grateful everyday for the time we had together.

To all those fantastic Moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your day is as special as you!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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