Are You a Grateful Golfer?

create a grateful golfer

Share your experiences as a grateful golfer!

From time to time, I like to post reasons why I am a grateful golfer. It is not to brag about my great life, but to remind myself about the wonderful aspects of my journey to be a scratch golfer.

My golf journey is reflective of my general attitude towards life; being grateful and trying to remain positive during my daily adventures. There is no magic formula, but a conscious choice to approach life in an upbeat manner. To follow that path, I have decided to create a new page about what it means to be a grateful golfer. This is where you come in!

I have listed many things in the past and they are special to me. I thought it would be great if everyone shared their reasons for being a grateful golfer. I want to build a positive resource that golfers can read to help them face some of the trials and tribulations of playing this great game. To remind them of the simple, yet influential aspects of golf that will help them focus on the positive parts of their game.

In addition to helping others, it might help you ground your thoughts in the fun, light-hearted parts of golf that you had forgotten or not thought of before.

If you want to know what I think a grateful golfer is, check out my previous post. But these are my thoughts and should not limit you on what you think because being grateful is a personal thing!

What I am asking is that you provide me with a note of why you are a grateful golfer. I will give you credit (if you want) and post it to the new page (coming today or tomorrow). I hope to grow this positive resource for all golfers and to increase the gratitude in my 3 foot of space!

I will start, I am grateful for “how golf continues to teach me things about myself and others! It is a gentlemen’s game and by keeping that philosophy, it has helped shape some of the positive aspects of my life!”

Drop me a line via comments below, email, or direct message and I will add it to the new page. This will be a fun and inspiring resource of all players and you can contribute by sharing your reasons for being a grateful golfer!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Are You a Grateful Golfer?

  1. Jim,

    I am a grateful golfer because it provides a vehicle to be challenged, grow, build confidence and be humbled all at the same time. The ability to share the game and play it with other like-minded people of all skill levels makes it something special.



  2. Great idea Jim.
    I am a grateful golfer because it allows me to spend quality time with people (friends and family) in what is usually a beautiful setting – the sky is blue, the grass is green and the sun is shining.

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  3. Jim, great idea; I’ll take a crack.

    With regard to the game of golf, I feel blessed to have achieved a level of skill that allows me to enjoy the many intricacies and satisfactions the game has to offer. While my skills may slowly deteriorate over time, the game will provide the opportunity to recreate and socialize for the rest of my life. Many folks from all walks of life do not have that opportunity, and often players of other sports have to abandon their activity after youth or mid-life because they are physically unable to perform. Not with golf. For that I am eternally grateful.



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