Playing Golf With A Caddie

I watch professional golfers manage their way around the course with their faithful sidekick. Caddies have been part of golf since the beginning and they bring an important dimension often overlooked. Much like Batman and Robin, Rocky and Mic, or R2D2 and C3PO – the whole is greater than the individual.

I have never played golf with a caddie so my view is very limited. However, I talked to many friends who have played a round with a caddie and all agree that they played better golf because of the guidance the received from their looper. Although my information is anecdotal, I believe there is value to have a professional caddie during a round of golf.

Recently, I asked the question regarding the value of a caddie. Two thirds of the respondents agree that playing golf with a caddie added value to their game.

One story I can relate, second-hand, deals with my friend Kirk who played with a caddie at St. Andrews, Scotland. Kirk explained that his caddie knew exactly which club to play from where during his round. I asked him how could his caddie adjust his course management strategy so quickly to match Kirk’s game. He said that after his second shot (and probably his first), his caddie knew exactly what to do. I guess, that is what a professional caddie does – immediately improves your game.

Caddies also have commandments! These ten rules add value to our game if they perform it professionally. Come to think of it, players should follow these commandments as well, but that is a topic for another day.

Again, I have no personal perspective with respect to playing golf with a caddie. However, after talking to my friends, I think it is an experience worth trying. I am not sure when this opportunity may arise, but when it does I think I will invest the extra dollars.

Have you ever played golf with a caddie? What was their greatest value?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf With A Caddie

  1. Jim
    I had a caddie when I played Chambers Bay a couple years back. It’s an amazing experience and great for your game. They help read putts which helps because they have local knowledge and they can tell you what club to hit. For example when I would have chosen an 8 iron I was told to use 9. And when I wanted to hit 9 I was told to use 7. But I think the most important piece was that I he gave me confidence – all I had to do was execute.

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