Your Lowest Golf Score on One Hole

A follow-up to an article about your lowest golf score ever, I thought it would fun to see were people stood with their lowest golf score on one hole. The likely hood of shooting one great shot is better than for an entire round and the results were much as expected.

To shoot your lowest score ever on one hole takes, sometimes, a miracle or a well planned and executed swing. It might take a lucky bounce or two, but it only takes on twist of fate to make a good golf shot into an awesome golf shot!

I have made many awesome shots over the years. My three best were for holes in one. I have chipped in and putted for eagle on many occasions, but I am still not satisfied. There is still more to accomplish!

Every time I tee it up on a par 3, I intend on shooting a hole in one. I am sure everyone does. It is a rare thing, but not the real prize I seek. Maybe it is because I have a hole in one, but in reality it is because my real prize is an albatross.

An albatross is the most difficult score in golf! It requires two excellent shots and not just one! Through the years I have had many opportunities at an albatross. I have hit the green in 2 on par 5s several times a year. Unfortunately, I have never really been close….except once.

About 10 years ago I was playing my normal rounds. I was playing a round at Greenwood Golf Club. It was about 500 yards and well within my capabilities to reach the green in 2. I do not remember the details of my first shot, but I do remember rolling past hole and stopping 18 inches past the hole. From the fairway, I thought it was in because I could not see the ball for the pin. Alas, as I walked towards the green, I noticed my ball.

So there you have it. We have all made great shots over the years, but the elusive albatross is still in my sights. This 2 shot miracle will always be a golfing goal, but for now, I must remain patient and keep trying.

What is your lowest score on a golf hole?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Your Lowest Golf Score on One Hole

  1. The first hole on my home course is 484 yards and you tee off from a slightly elevated lie. Maybe 25-30 feet above a mostly flat fairway. And it’s straight as an arrow with only a couple of trees just after a sand trap on the right to get you in trouble off the tee. So it’s a prime candidate for an albatross. It only takes about 275-280 or so to reach the top of a ridge in the fairway near those tress I mentioned and if you can land on or just past the top of the ridge, you can roll out to the 150 marker. Today, I pushed right off the tee hitting into the wind so I choose to hit a 4 iron to make sure I could clear a bunker that guards the right. I didn’t get it all and came out low instead of the lofted shot I wanted, but it just cleared the bunker and bounced right into the flag. Then of course instead of going in it bounced straight back at me and just off the first cut.

    I missed another chance at one, but I have to say I was stoked to come close on my first hole even though it was a practice 9 to get warmed up and didn’t count towards my score. That course doesn’t have any place to practice so I always play nine to warm up first. The next 4 or 5 holes were terrible, but I finally found my swing and by the time I played that 1st hole again as my 19th hole of the day, I birdied it again from a 5 iron second shot to the sand trap and added a second sandy to my day.

    All in all, it was a good game, but I didn’t get my par yet. Three holes on each nine got me today. One for a double.

    I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving. I’ll be spending some time reading more of the thousand articles I’ve missed out on so mine will be enjoyed.


    • Kevin

      Thanks for the nice comments. Your story sounds all too familiar about coming close to a low score. It is interesting that golf continues provide the rush we all seek when making an awesome shot! Thanks for the well wishes and happy reading.



  2. Jim,

    I have yet to make a hole-in-one, so my lowest score on a hole is 2 made on many par 3’s and I have also made a 2 on a few par 4’s. That ever elusive albatross will hopefully come one day! I think I’d pick an albatross over a hole in one if I had to


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  3. A 1 is my best score, and I have probably made 10 eagles in my life (2 this year!). I agree that the two is something to seek. I usually don’t hit it far enough to do it, but my course has some short par fives so an albatross may be possible. Keep swinging!

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  4. Morning GG

    Best shot? , Best Hole? nut a tied best of i would say as it is one of those that sticks in your brain.
    I have had many a great shot and many a luck fused miracle however for me whilst playing at Stockton on forest on their 15 ( Par 4 – 385Yard ) i had a sweet drive to split the two fairway bunkers leaving me with around 140 to the pin and 125 to the front of a green which has a 20ft wide bunker protecting it to the front and two smaller bunkers around 10ft behind and slightly to the side ( making it look like a smile ) i blocked my second effort straight into the right hand bunker and around 2″ from the lip.
    With the pin at the back of the green off a camber going left to right i played a beautiful sand shot which landed to the top of the camber spun slightly and just dripped down into the hole , mesmerizing to watch it was a proper ” Yee Har ” moment for me and to this day after changing the way i play from sand i have had many near misses and the bunkers are now my friend.

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  5. Jim, my lowest is a hole in one (twice). The albatross would be cool but I have never been close. Saw one in my foursome many years ago. A 15 year old kid who ws extremely long and wild knocked in a PW on a 463 yard uphill par-5. It was the darnedest thing. Normally he couldn’t hit the ocean from a boat.



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