Buying Anything Golf

It is that time again. The off-season is here, I conducted my yearly  inventory inspection and realized that I need a new sand wedge. My Titleist Vokey 56° sand wedge shows excessive wear on the grooves, therefore it is time to start my buying process.

As stated before, I have a specific routine before I buy anything golf. This process helps ensure I receive the most value for my money and it has the added benefit of being fun. This process works for me and I think it will work for you as well. I jump head-long into the purchasing process, there are a couple of things I keep at the forefront: be patient, be open-minded, and never, never, never, pay full price! These three guiding principles set the stage for my purchase moving forward.

To be more specific, here are my 6 steps to buying the right equipment at the right price:

Step 1:  Figure out what you want/need.  In this case I am looking for a new sand wedge.

Step 2:  Research, research, and research.  I read the hype of manufacturer’s to see what they say, however I actually pay attention to the consumer reviews.  This is the most important piece of information you will find.  People are more than willing to tell you what they think. This is the longest process and will test our patience.

Step 3:  Wait for it to come on sale.  Check Ebay.  Check Kijiji.  Check Golftown (or other large franchise stores), and check the local pro shop (you would be surprised).

Step 4:  If possible haggle over the price.  The local pro shop will lower their price if you make them a reasonable deal (especially in the off-season).

Step 5:  Purchase the piece of equipment.

Step 6:  Probably the most important step – be happy with your purchase.  No second guessing!

My process of purchasing golf equipment ensures that I buy what I want, at the price I wanted to pay.  It saves me money and reduces impulse buying (and those extra clubs that accumulate in the garage after being disappointed with a quick purchase)! With the holiday season fast approaching, there will be opportunities to score some great golf deals, it just takes a bit a time and patience.

As you look for new equipment, I hope my 6 step process helps during your retail therapy sessions. Let me know what you think; am I missing anything?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

16 thoughts on “Buying Anything Golf

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      • Jim, like an idiot, a few years back, I “lost” my car in a parking garage and declared it stolen to the police. It had my clubs in the trunk. After declaring the theft, I hurried to fill out a new set and bought putter, SW, and PW at full price. The cops found my car 5 weeks later right where I had parked it and I got my clubs back. Still have the three extras which have never struck a ball in anger 🙂




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