All I Want for Christmas….

With only 2 weeks until Christmas, many people are frantically running around to find that special something for the special people in their lives. This stressful aspect of the holidays can be fun for some and a source of pure dread for others. Personally, my wife and I solved this nut years ago and the next two weeks are going be spent hanging out and enjoying the beauty that mother nature has to offer.

As a golfer, receiving golf gifts is an almost certainty. The real challenge for most not golfers is to purchase that unique golf related gift that brings joy and happiness to the receiver. Unfortunately, if you are not a golfer, selecting the ‘right’ gift is extremely difficult. So, I have devised the perfect plan to help you on your way!

It is very simple – ASK! It is not any more complicated than that. Just ask the receiver what golf related gift sparks their interest. This simple solution will reduce your stress and ensures that on Christmas morning everyone is happy. If you wondering how I developed such a simple plan; it was derived from years of experience and recently reinforced by you the readers.

As you can see, 50% of the respondents will have a list. Just ask for it and then you pick something. I guarantee that the list will be extensive and will vary in price. Just for fun, if you asked a golfer at any moment what 5 things they would like to receive as gifts, they could probably pull the list out of their pocket.

If you were wondering, if my family asked me what golf gift I would like for Christmas, here is what I would say to them:

  1. A test pack of Snell Golf balls
  2. Neoprene iron head covers
  3. A new golf hat (Titleist or Callaway)
  4. New golf umbrella (64 inch – preferable with black, white or red coloring)
  5. A new sand wedge (56 Degree – 8 Degree bounce – Make yet to be determined)

My list entails all the things I would like and will use. The last part of the previous sentence is important. Something I will use! Unfortunately, there are many golf gadgets out there that do not fit my requirements and would find its way to the bottom of my golf bag. It is not because I do not appreciate the thought, but the item just does not fit my requirements on the course.

The last bit of advice I can offer, if you are looking for a stocking-stuffer, there is one guaranteed item that never fails – golf tees. Every golfer needs tees! They do not have to be fancy and in most cases the color is not important, yet tees are always a big hit. If you are still wondering (because there are many types and lengths to choose from), golf tees that are 3 inches in length are the most versatile. A bag of 50 or 100 tees will bring a smile to every golfers face.

Asking a golfer for a list of things to buy is the smartest way to make sure everyone enjoys the that moment of anticipation Christmas morning. This method will reduce stress for the giver, enhance the joy of the receiver and works 100 percent of the time.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas….

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  2. Hi Jim,

    Great post. I hope you like the Snell balls – I do. I hope I do not get anything golf related as I just can’t carry it as I travel.

    Have a great festive season.

    Cheers Tiff

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  3. I want it all! This is a note that I saw on a t-shirt recently.

    First time that I saw your bag. I now wish I would have gone for the bigger letters.

    I trust all is well and we will chat prior to Christmas. We are to Edmonton on the 20th.


    Sent from my iPad


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  4. Jim, great post. I get criticized every year for having the same old boring things on my Christmas list (shoes, balls, grips), but it’s truly what makes a great gift and what makes me happy. Plus, for those not addicted to shopping or for the non gift-givers, it makes shopping for me easier.

    I hope Santa brings you everything required for the upcoming season!


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