Watching Golf on TV

It is cold and snowy outside. I plan on doing something in the crisp cool temperatures later, but right now while I am writing this article, I am also watching  golf on TV.

I am watching Hideki Matsuyama work his way around in the final round of the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions. It was interesting to watch Hideki and others make some amazing shots shot in the mid 60s for their final round. What was more interesting was the analysis by the Morning Drive crew on the Golf Channel.

The main point of their analysis was their point of finishing our back swing before moving the club head forward. As I review some of my own video, I realize that I am guilt of this fault and many more!

This particular fault in my swing is something I can work on in my basement in the off season. I can work on my shoulder rotation and intentionally pausing at the top before starting my down swing. This movement will help with my flexibility and help create that split second pause my transition to my down swing!

I will work on this swing change for a bit and let you know how things progress.

Are you working on any swing changes right now? If so, what are you doing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “Watching Golf on TV

  1. Jim
    I am so guilty of this. I too have taken note of Hedeki’s exaggerated pause. It has helped me in transition back to the golf ball. Now I have to work on that slight pause and do 15 other things correctly. Lol

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  2. Have you watched what you are doing in slow motion? I love that ability. Youtube allows 1/4 speed which is just enough to get a good look. I have the full Adobe suite available so I can watch mine frame by frame. That really helps me see what it is I do during my swing easily. And that rocks.

    You have a nice smooth tempo to your swing. From what these three shots show, I would say you would benefit a bit by slowing the back swing and making sure your club head doesn’t start moving inside your line as soon.

    Slowing down helps make sure you can transition in either direction easier. It also gets rid of the “bounce” that the club head tries to do when we make the transition which throws us off and loses potential club head speed. Your club actually points to the right of your target during that bounce and slowing down will help you fix that too.

    I know you didn’t ask for an appraisal of your swing, but I am offering it because those are two of the main things I have been working on all year with my driver and my swing looked quite a bit like yours. And working on those has really helped my consistency. I believe I mentioned last week that I hit every fairway on Christmas eve. I played again Wednesday and missed two and one of those just caught the breeze and went long through the bend. The other was just me coming out of posture way too soon for no reason I can understand.

    The main thing I am working on right now though is putting. I tend to get the toe of my putter up in the air instead of keeping it down so I’m working on that every night right now.

    I am pretty sure there are enough stokes to gain there to cross that par or better game off my bucket list. My putting has been pitiful IMO these past couple of years. Wednesday I was doing better but lipped out so many times I think I’m pretty sure I lost the 6 strokes I needed.

    Just so you know, I won’t feel bad if you throw my un-asked for suggestions in the trash. I usually bite my tongue and keep my damn mouth shut. But I’m letting my fingers do the talking tonight and they aren’t as schooled in etiquette. Plus we aren’t actually on the course or range. So I hope you don’t mind too much my critique, and if you do try and take it to heart, I hope even more than it helps instead of hurts. I feel confident that I’m correct, but I’ve learned over the years that confidence isn’t really a measure of accuracy .

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      • Thanks for the link to your putting guide. I had already read it and have been practicing using your suggestions.

        The swing twice as far forward as your back swing takes some getting used to for me. I absolutely love the results on short putts under about 15 feet but it will take some more time to develop better distance control for the longer putts and I haven’t yet tried your suggestion to mark the distances on the practice green. That suggestion made me slap my forehead and wonder why I hadn’t thought of it or took similar things I’d read to heart. But I’ll be putting my putter and some new TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls I got last week on my bike and riding to the range tomorrow to do get some putting practice in and will add that to my routine.

        It will be a good way to start out the new year.

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  3. Jim, good swing fix to work on because it’s fundamental and is not too invasive. I hesitate to make drastic swing changes over the winter based on some poor decisions in the past. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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