Is Tiger Woods Worth The Wait

With only two weeks away, the golfing world is anticipating the return of Tiger Woods at Farmers Insurance Open. It is exciting for many golfing fans to see his triumphant return. He will definitely add to the media hype and ticket sales, however I am not so sure it will make that much difference to the field at San Diego.

As great a player that Woods was, I am not sure that at 41 years old he will be able to sustain the level of play required to dominate as he did in years past. The best he can hope for is to win a tournament or two and possibly compete in a few Majors. This outlook for Woods might seem pessimistic, but perhaps a little realistic as well.

Regardless of how well he performs, I do want to recognize on thing Tiger Woods continues to show to all golfers. Woods continues to demonstrate an unwavering dedication to improving his golf game. The number of swing changes, injuries and setbacks he has experienced over the past 5 years would have made any other player pack up their clubs and retire.

It is difficult to pinpoint that one aspect that continues to drive Woods to strive for greatness. It is only known to Woods and it is that one secret only he knows. Some pundits will suggest it is ego or pride, however I am not confident it is that reason. I am not about to guess or surmise Woods’ reasons for continuing to returning to the game he loves because I think that would be folly. I can say that his unwavering drive to be the best player he can be is a lesson for every golfer.

When our game goes south or we have difficulty going the next step, Tiger Woods is a great example of a player who just will not quit. He always finds a way to fix, improve, and reinvent his game when needed. He works at his game by spending hours on the range and practice area. One of the main reasons Woods dominated for so long is that he outwork all his competitors. If that is not a great lesson to all would-be golfers, then nothing is.

Working at our game is very important. The level by which we train and practice will have a direct and positive impact on our game. Woods has shown all golfers that even the great players need to practice to keep their game sharp. This is even more applicable for amateurs. The more we practice, the better we play. It is that simple.

Spring is still a ways away, but if I have learned Woods’ lesson well, it is never two early to start getting ready!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Worth The Wait

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  2. Great points by all. I do think tiger will win and could get to number 1 again. There are so many talented golfers on the circuit now. But I think his dedication is what will drive him back to the top. He is 41 not 61 and I know people talk about body age because of injures, but he is a special type of player and that means he is capable of special things. I was a tiger fan of his golf shots. His personality and his actions are a total turn off. But his golf is unmatched – IMHO.


    • Linley

      You are right about his dedication. I just think the field is too strong. There are so many great players on tour that his intimidation factor (based in his mental strength) will be lessened greatly. The young guns don’t fear him any more. It will be interesting to see how he makes out.


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      • I agree Jim. I hazard a guess that if he wins again in a dominant fashion – then maybe just maybe people will start to “think about it too much again”. Who knows but I agree that most of the players now defeat nothing. And to your point there are so many talented individuals from all over the world.

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  3. Jim,

    I definitely admire Tiger’s drive to be the best he can be, and it is motivating. There’s no denying he’ll never be the player of the early 2000’s, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have a few great moments left in him. Look at some of the golfers who have won majors in recent history — Mike Weir, Todd Hamilton, Shaun Micheel, Rich Beem….etc. Then look at a guy like Davis Love III who won on the PGA Tour at 51. It’d be crazy (to me) to think Tiger doesn’t have a reasonable chance to win at least a few more times and maybe another major or two (especially at Augusta). Having said that, no matter how well he’s prepared, I think his game will show some rust early this season. I expect a stronger second half once he gets his competitive legs under him.

    It’ll be fun to watch!


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  4. I know you are talking only golf here so I will agree first with your thought. I don’t believe he will “matter” like he did ever again. No more #1 in the world anyway. The kids are too good today.

    But I think it is not out of the question to want to believe that he may make an even bigger difference through his philanthropy than his golf game did for golf. He’s got the resources, and his charity is a great start. Give him more time to age and mellow and we may still see some truly great things from him. He’s certainly proven he has the drive to do miracles.

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  5. It is easy to be pessimistic as Tiger has brought a lot of the negativity upon himself with his past actions in his personal life. I am inclined to believe that Tiger can only climb “near” the top of the PGA again if he reaches inside and brings out the competitive Tiger that we once watched as he destroyed the rest of the field. His game will be just fine, however to get back to the top of the PGA, Tiger needs to watch some videos from his past performances where he dominated in the psychological domain and forced other players to squeeze their clubs a bit tight when faced with the pressure that only Tiger can cause. I am looking forward to a full season to see if he can come back with tenacity or if he will simply make appearances while building his business empire for retirement from the game. PLUS, he is too young to think about the PGA Seniors Tour!

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    • Kirk

      Great points. I think the field is much stronger now and Tiger has lost that psychological edge, all of which has evened the playing field. It will be interesting to see if he can play an entire season without injury. That will be a big win for him and golf.



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