Bringing Back The Fun in Golf

This is an article I wrote last year. I realize I should get over the fact that the PGA Tour is trying to change the atmosphere of the 16th hole, but I am still not convinced that it is important to have fun golfing. And the craziness of this hole may just what I need during the winter while I am waiting for my golf season to start.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open starts today. It is a great event and has a history of creating an atmosphere not found outside a Major! Over the last few years, I have discussed the changes imposed by the PGA Tour on the antics on the 16th hole at the Waste Management professional event. After years of writing articles, I still stand by my views, but maybe there is room for a minor adjustment!

The three articles are Let the Games Begin! Caddie Race and No Caddie Races!

Basically, the PGA Tour continues to try to impose a sense of decorum. I think the Tour believes that the Professionals are losing focus and the crowd is becoming unruly; especially on the last day when the tournament is on the line. However, the players and fans seem to embrace the carnival like atmosphere and I definitely enjoy watching the interaction between the pros and the fans.
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