Buying a New Putter

Putt Centre

My 20-year-old putter.

Buying a new putter is something I have thought about for some time. My current putter is about 20 years old and I think the inset face is starting to break down. I was feeling an inconsistency off the face that I will have to look at this spring.

I like this putter because it is a toe-balanced blade with a center shaft mount. It is heavier than most putters and has served me well through the years. Additionally, and more importantly, it fits my eye very well.

I have tried all types of putters at the golf store, but none pop out at me when making contact. I seem to put the same with all types and weights, however this controlled environment is not really a great place to test a new club. I wish I could take a demo putter out on the course, but unfortunately my course does not have such a service. Continue reading