Golf Courses That Fit Your Game

Have you ever wondered why some courses seem to have your number, yet others fit your game? I have that challenge from time to time. I have played many courses over the years and those courses that pose the most challenge for me to score low appear to be random…..or are they?

Of course, there are some courses that naturally fit our game and when we play them for the first time we experience instant success. I am not exactly sure what the commonality is between the courses but I have a few ideas.

Length has very little impact on my score. I play well on courses that are 6800 yards and shorter. My ideal length is between 6400-6500 yards. My middle and short game is strong enough handle 175 yard approach shots. My GIR goes down a bit, but my up and downs make up for the misses. Anything outside 6800 yards starts to stress my game that could have a negative impact on my score.

Courses with trees and water get my golf juices flowing!

Greens that are quick. My putting stroke is designed to play quick greens that roll consistently. I do not mind minor breaks or sloping greens, however, undulating greens do pose a problem for me. I also find that quick greens are receptive to approach shots that shortens my roll out after the ball lands.

Long carry to a green makes you thing about club selection.

Courses that force players to carry of a hazard can pose issues. Generally, anything under 185 yards is not a problem. Anything greater than that is a problem. Once the carry distance starts to get above 210 yards, I have to think about where to bail out. Not many courses I play pose this challenge, so I am grateful I do not have to worry about carry distance often.

Hitting over hazards with a long carry is great fun on a golf course!

Courses with many hazards fits my game. I enjoy playing over water, around fescue, or around sand traps. The more hazards, the better. They keep me focused and mentally strong throughout the entire round. Additionally, hazards add a degree of fun over bash courses (bash the ball, walk to ball, repeat).

Tree lined fairways are my favorite.

Lastly, I like courses that are lined with trees vice wide open links style courses. The line of trees helps me focus my aim because I have something to line up with. Courses that are wide open offer a false sense of security that makes it mentally tough for me to stay focused. Tree lined courses are my favorite.

Certain courses work well for my game. I have experience trepidation playing courses that take my game out of its comfort zone. I realize that as a low handicap player, the type of course should not matter. Unfortunately, for my game, it does matter. These challenges will not stop me from playing tough courses, but it allows me to manage my expectations when I hit the links.

Does certain types of courses affect your golf score? If so, how?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “Golf Courses That Fit Your Game

  1. Great post!

    For me it’s on the courses that have dry greens, mostly links courses. At most courses I play I can normally fly it to the pin and know it will stop. But links you need to change the game plan for approaching greens which I always forget until I see it happen lol

    However the links courses are good for off the tee because they are normally wider and can run parallel with other fairways, allowing me to try riskier tee shots knowing that if it goes off plan I should be in a safe position with my next shot.




  2. Jim, courses with long par-3 holes are my bugaboo. Also anything with big undulating Bermuda greens is tough because of how grainy they get. I also prefer parkland over the links layouts.



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    • Brian

      Thanks for adding to the conversation. Long par 3s are a challenge for everyone I think, the last course I was a member of had 2 – 200 yard par 3s in the first 3 holes – talk about a challenging start. They usually set the stage for the round.


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  3. Enjoyed your post. As for me, courses with trees and water are intrinsically more interesting and sharpen up the way you approach playing them, and I like a bit of elevation change thrown in for good measure. Too many bunkers I do not like. All too often a strategically placed bunker will swallow up what was an otherwise perfectly good shot. Or is that just me? Cheers, Rob.

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    • Rob

      Those are called magnetic bunkers that only work on golf balls! I do like some elevation, but nothing too crazy.Some of our local courses change elevation by 50 to 75 feet in the space of one hole. Not my favorite.



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