Ripping the Band-aid Off

I remember as a kid the pain I endured when having to remove a band-aid from a cut. In days past, the adhesive used was akin to crazy glue and once it was on your skin, it was near impossible to get off. So I would slowly, painstakingly, remove the band-aid and endure the excruciating pain (or at least as a kid it was excruciating). That was of course, until my mother showed me another solution. Ripping that sucker off in a flash! It was extremely painful, but only lasted for a couple of seconds!

Ripping the band-aid off is how I feel about Tiger Woods’ future career. As one of the greatest golfers of all time, he will be considered a legend for many. Additionally, his dominance is the benchmark for current and future greatness. However, his physical woes seem more serious than anyone thought and it might be time to hang up his sticks professionally.

Tiger Woods

I realize that as an amateur player, and someone acting as an armchair pundit right now, I really do not understand the pain and mental anguish Tiger is experiencing. As much as his physical challenges continue grow, the battering of his ego can be related to slowly pulling off a band-aid, but to a far greater degree.

Yet, something continues to reinforce Tiger’s efforts to return. I am not sure what it is, maybe he did not go out on his terms, but I feel a sense of sadness watching him return to the game he loves, only to have to stop a few weeks later. If he quits now, the ‘what if’ question about winning 19 majors will always hang over his head, but that is a better solution than the player who did not know when to quit.

The recent announcement that Tiger Woods may miss The Masters is yet another blow to him and the golfing world. Of course, many are going to disagree with me and want him to return and I respect that; however, there will become a point where the golfing world will roll their eyes and think – here we go again.

I realize he is a young man in comparison to many of his peers where retiring is not normally at consideration, now might be time. I am sure he has considered it. I emphasize with his dilemma; we have all had to make tough choices in our lives and usually take to slower painful route. As Tiger  continues to have this very difficult decision looming over his head, I think it might be time to rip off the band-aid and hang-up his sticks professionally. Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Ripping the Band-aid Off

  1. I admired the talent and level of dedication Srini to be the best in golf. Sadly his personal life became a mess and I am confident that it affected him in the course. Now he is struggling with physical issues. Alas, it’s time to call it quits. He simply cannot perform at the level to which he ever did, in fact nobody can. Lots of good players out there to watch.


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  2. Jim,

    You’re probably right that his days as a competitive player on Tour are over, but I think Tiger is stubborn and still wants to prove people wrong. If anyone can find a way, it’ll be Tiger, but it’s going to be a very difficult road…and he should probably start doing some yoga instead of lifting the big weights in the gym!


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  3. Jim, great question. The short answer is “yes”. Tiger is done as a professional competitor and should retire. Rip it off. Nobody would blame him for that and there would be an immense feeling of relief across the industry. Why he hangs on? I would hazard to guess it has to do with him garnering attention and remaining “relevant” in his own mind and the minds of others. Maybe it’s about the money but I doubt it.

    Everyone who’s ever played the game competitively has hit this point. Tiger has passed it.

    Good post! Thanks,


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