Arnold Palmer Lives On in A Grateful Golfer

Recently, our friend, Wendy, introduced my wife and I to her friend Ken. Earlier, Wendy indicated that Ken had a connection to golf and that he and I would have a great time chatting. Shortly after meeting him, I quickly realized she was right as he and I had a great conversation about a plethora of things.

Ken is a landscaping consultant. In this capacity, he talked about working on golf courses, shaping greens and fairways and turning an architects dream into reality. It was a great conversation and time just flew by.

On the next visit to Wendy’s, she was excited because Ken had left me a gift. She ran down the hallway picked up a hat  and handed it to me with huge smile on her face. I looked at it with appreciation and told her to thank Ken for thinking of me. As I looked at the hat, I noticed the autograph on the brim!

An awesome gift from a friend. Notice the autograph?

It was signed by none other than Mr. Arnold Palmer. I was flabbergasted that Ken would give me such a valuable treasure! I immediately contacted him and thanked him for this generous gift. He gave me a bit of a back story that he was at the Bayhill Invitational and was invited into the hospitality tent. There, he met Mr. Palmer and had his hat signed and took a picture with this golfing legend. What a thrill it must have been! Ken said Mr. Palmer was a real gentlemen and easily lived up to his reputation.

Ken, thanks again for this wonderful gift. It has a special place on my golfing shelf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!