Some Golfers Are So Lucky!

If you play golf long enough, you will encounter a situation where even you cannot believe how lucky you were on your shot. Yesterday, I made a shot that fit that category. It was not pretty in any stretch of the imagination, however the results of the poor shot and score made me walk away off the green with a smile.

I was on the 17th tee sitting only 3 over. I was pretty happy with the score considering I took a double on 11. It is still very early and the score does not matter, but I like to put a few sub-forty 9s in the books before I start to get serious.

I was 165 yards from the pin, the wind was blowing from left to right and the ground was very wet. I chose my 6-iron and felt confident with how everything was unfolding. The pin was at the front of the green and easily accessible. I see this opportunity as a good possibility for a birdie.

The view from the 17th tee box at Osprey Links Golf Course

As I took the club back, all felt good. When I finished the swing, all felt bad. For some reason I lifted up and hit my ball thin. My ball flight was very low and it headed to towards the water left of the first telephone pole in the picture above. With a small glimmer of hope, I was thinking that I might have it the ball hard enough to get over the water. Alas, this was not to so!

However, the angel of luck was smiling on me yesterday. My ball skipped off the surface, out of the water, and skirted the land in front of the green. It rolled along the green and my elation was slowly turning to dread as it looked as if it was going to roll back into the water off the bank. In the summer, this would normally happen because of the steep incline. But, I received a Freddie Couples bounce and my ball stayed dry.

Staying dry at the 17th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course

Because the ground was so wet and spongy, my ball came to rest outside the hazard just off the front of the green. My ball skipped over the water just to the right of the picture and ended up with a decent shot for my up and down. Using my new Titleist Vokey sand wedge, I easily saved par.

With a smile on my face, I walked of the green and headed to the 18th tee box thinking how lucky I just was. Shots like this happen from time to time and I am grateful it happen yesterday.

What is your luckiest shot on the golf course?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links.

6 thoughts on “Some Golfers Are So Lucky!

  1. My hole in one of course. Or any of the eagles, or birdies I’ve made from the fairway. Or maybe the 40 foot putt last week for birdie that traveled down two tiers and snaked left and right three times before somehow falling in the hole instead of just running off the front of the green. Luck, both good and bad, is just part of the game. And the more you play, the more you get of each.

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