That Special Sound at Contact

There are many influences on a golf shot. It seems as if every player can tell when they or their playing partner hits a good ball. Sometimes it is the ball flight, other times they wait for it to stop, and yet without fail, there is a sound upon contact that catches everyone’s attention. It is a pure sound and everyone knows it when you hear it. Continue reading


Second Leg of My Match Play Event Complete

I am in a Gross Match Play event at my local golf course – Osprey Links. It is the first time I signed up for such an event in many years and I just finished the second round of this tournament on Friday past. I played against Dave Vezina and I have to say that our round was very pleasurable and we had some great conversation. Before I go any further, I have to apologize to Dave, the one picture we took did not work….thanks Blair for all the help! 😉 I closed Dave out on the 13th hole, but in all fairness, the match was closer than the score.  Continue reading

The Canadian Open – Moving Day

I have discussed moving day at other golf tournaments and from my many musings you know I believe moving day is important. At the Canadian Open, the third longest running national golf event in the world, things are no different. Glen Abbey is a great golf course and offers many risk/reward moments that can are important on moving day. Having played Glen Abbey three years ago, I have a sense of what the pros will see and understand that players of their caliber have the opportunity to go low. Continue reading

The Height of Hubris

Refusing to accept a situation has the potential to be devastating. In golf, this is more real than in most sports. Refusing to “take your medicine” after a poor shot is a perfect example. Hubris negatively affects a golfer’s ability to think and remain focused on the big picture. The greatest example of this is from the movie ‘Tin Cup’, where Roy McAvoy hit 4 balls into the water just to prove he could hit the ball on the green with a three wood. In this case he went from tied for the lead to 10th place at the fictional US Open. Continue reading

How to Remember All Things Golf

How is it possible to remember everything needed to play great golf? After we decipher what is important and what is white noise, how is possible recall the exact piece of information required to make the proper swing at the right time. This is very challenging for professional golfers, let alone amateurs who struggle with the mechanics of their swing as well.  Continue reading