Predicting The PGA Championship Winner

Okay, let’s be very serious for a second. Predicting the PGA Championship is next to impossible. Of course, our odds increase if we select one of the top players, but can really predict any Major winner. However, that does not stop us from trying!


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I could create a cacophony of white noise about who is the hot, streaking, best suited for conquering Quail Hollow or drive stats down your throat, but that would just be an exercise in futility. I, like many other pundits, base our selections on feel at the time. And this years PGA Championship is no different.

The pundits (or experts depending on your viewpoint) are picking Rory McIlroy as this years PGA Championship. I guess that if you pick someone with that much talent week after week you are bound to be right. Jordan Spieth is a great choice as he pursues his career grand slam. And the list of top players continues.

Early in the year, I selected Hideki Matsuyama. Given the way he has played this year, I am going to stick with him. He is ready to break out and win his first Major. He seems as good as any to win the PGA Championship.

I do have two thoughts, however, that I think most readers will not consider. First, the leaders of The Grateful Golfer Prediction contest have selected Jim Furyk. I am not sure what scientific method they use, if any, but so far they have picked a winner and 2 other top 10 finishers. Maybe they are on to something, so I will be watching Furyk this weekend.

Lastly, my black horse for the PGA Championship is Charley Hoffman. He has finished in the top 25 in all the Majors this year and seems to be in the mixed on moving day. I am not sure if he can seal the deal this weekend, but he is someone not to overlooked.

These are my thoughts on predicting the PGA Championship winner. What are yours?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer golf blog.

4 thoughts on “Predicting The PGA Championship Winner

  1. Exciting stuff Jim, last one of the year.

    Jordan – deserves to do it, I just wonder if the pressure may get to him(?) First possible attempt at doing the grand slam, maybe. There will be other opportunities if he doesn’t do ti this time.
    Charlie – what a guy, I loved his comment to his caddie about not playing to come second, that approach shot on the par 5 was awesome, shame about his chip back. Great chance
    Hideki – future number 1 and probably for a long time, multiple major winner to come, he is the real deal and on form too. A 61 is great any day but compared to the field as well it was outstanding!

    Having said all this, I have to go with the guy who has been there or thereabouts lurking in the wings with top 10’s here and there even though he is not at his best (quite) yet. I am sticking with my man Rory, his driving the other week was superb and if he can switch on the other bits and pieces to top notch he will take some beating.

    Whoever does it I reckon it will be a great show!

    Oh, before I go, 1 final thought, eternal optimist, I still hope and dram of my favourite player Lee Westwood getting over the line, finally, with his first major. Never say never…

    Swing easy!
    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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