Hitting the Ball With Gusto

Hitting the ball far is no great secret. It is a matter of swinging your club as fast as you can without any regard for balance, positioning or aim points. It must be that easy because I watch players on TV do it all the time. I mean really, how difficult can it be?

Well, I can tell you that after playing in the charity golf tournament yesterday, hitting the ball with gusto on every shot was not easy and actually quite tiring. The Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort was an interesting course, but the real challenge was the extremely wet conditions. There was absolutely no roll and my team had to use at least one extra club on every shot. I was hoping that the extra club would allow for an easier shot, but the wet conditions ensured that I swung hard at almost every shot.

I am quite amazed that hitting the ball hard all the time during a scramble round was more tiring than playing my own ball. Because I was the anchor, I tried to hit the ball as far as I could all the time. Of course, I made some miss hits because of my over exuberance, however it was required for the strategy of the team. For the must part, hitting the ball with gusto all the time does not work well for my game.

Not to worry, yesterday’s round was about meeting new people, having fun, and supporting a great charity. I need to rest because today I am in a stroke play tournament. It is going to be a different event and as such will require different course management. I am looking forward to playing today and hitting the ball with different gusto!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written By Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Ball With Gusto

  1. I have never found swinging “hard” to be helpful. Not for gaining distance and certainly not for accuracy. I take a bunch of practice swings before stepping up to the ball and try to increase speed with each swing listening to the whoosh of the club head to judge. I feel like I swing hard there a few times but to get max speed, the feeling of swinging hard is gone. Not quite relaxed, but without the need for feeling like it’s max effort.
    My absolute longest tee shots never felt like I was trying to kill the ball. In general, they were unexpected and shocked me. The more I try to kill it, the less chance I have of actually accomplishing that goal likely because I probably tighten up. So I do the practice swings before stepping up to the tee, then just hit the ball. That has given me the best chance of knocking the cover off the ball and keeping it in play to boot.
    I’m really tired of damp fairways that don’t allow any roll out. That seems to be all I get lately around here. I can’t wait for November to get here so I can get back to pleasant golfing weather. Oh and good luck out there today. I hope you have a great time and an awesome game.

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