Sportspal – 2 Man Challenge – The Final Day

The Sportspal golf tournament was completed yesterday. A highlight event at Osprey Links Golf Course it  pitted 69, 2-person teams in a Best Ball and Scramble format. After the best ball round on the first day, my partner, Blair, and I were flighted into the Championship division. Unfortunately, with a 73 on the first day, it would have taken a miracle to place in the prizes. And to remove any suspense, we did not place high enough to take home any hardware.

From left to right is Dave Crewson of Sportspal, Rylan, Ryan and Carl Crewson also of Sportspal.

Before I talk about our round, I want to congratulate Rylan Young and Ryan Jardine who won the 18th Annual Sportspal 2 Person Challenge shooting 128 over two days (66 Best Ball on Saturday and 62 Scramble on Sunday) to claim the Championship and each take home a Sportspal Canoe. (Osprey Links)

Being behind by 7 strokes after the first day, it was virtually impossible for Blair and I shot low enough to even have a chance at the winning this event. So, the last day was about making a charge and seeing where we ended up. Blair and I have played in scrambles before, albeit not from the blues, and we usually shoot around 4 under. That was our goal and we had a fairly good strategy to make it.

As with every tournament, playing with different golfers is always a treat. And yesterday was no different. We were paired with the brother team of Ben and Connor. Both were good golfers with different styles that complimented their play. They were gentlemen through the entire round and we thoroughly enjoyed playing golf with them.

Ben stinging his drive on the 13th hole.

Ben was a low hitting player that was sneaky long. He generally out drove the group and kept his ball in play. His extra length really help set up each hole for an accessible approach shot.

His brother Connor, hit a high ball that was equal in length with Blair and I. Connor had a great short game and used Ben’s long drives as a launching point for a strong GIR

Connor lauching another straight drive.

percentage. Both players could putt well and as a result shot 2 under for the day. Very respectable considering we were playing from the blues.

Blair and I, unfortunately, were not as successful as Ben and Connor. We struggled with every aspect of our game. The worst part was that we were completely in sync. When I hit a great shot, so did Blair. When I hit a less desirable ball, so did Blair. We lipped out all day and when we were off our line, Blair was on one side of the hole and I was on the other. Needless to say, we did not achieve our goal of 4 under…..not even close! That is the nature of golf sometimes. No excuses, we just did not play well; we will get them next time!

The Sportspal tournament is an excellent event. Jeff Rogerson and his team at Osprey Links did an outstanding job. From the meal on Saturday (which I thought was brilliant), to morning muffins and coffee, to a snack at the turn; everything about the this two-day tournament was first-rate. Every year, this 2-person tournament fills up quickly, so if your are interested, make sure you give Jeff or his staff a call early next season so secure your spot.

Thanks Jeff for a great event!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

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