As My Golf Season Comes to an End

Well, it will not be long now before I put my clubs are away for good. As the weather starts to turn and the weather cools down, it is almost time to pack up my gear and focus on preparing for winter. I realize some will say that it is way too early and that I can sneak in many more rounds, but experience tells me that once October comes, playing golf becomes less of a priority. Do not fear, it is not quite time to stop playing, but it is getting close.

I am not quite ready to throw in the towel and yet, I am not overly disappointed to see my 2017 golf season come to and end. I have played more competitive golf and rounds this year than in recent years. I did not reach my goal as a scratch golfer, but it did get my handicap as low as 4.2 – not as low as I had hoped, but I will accept what I accomplished.

I have 41 posted scores with a scoring average of 76.3. But, I have easily played twice that many times, but could not post the score because of the format of the round or it was only 9 holes. More on this in the future.

My point to the diatribe is that I have plenty to discuss about my golf season, but for now, golf is slowing down and it is time to look other things to occupy my time. Mostly, it will be working around the house and having coffee with my wife and best friend. A pretty good trade-off I think!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “As My Golf Season Comes to an End

  1. This is a sad post. No matter what you say about not feeling sorry for you. And the fact that you dropped another point off your handicap makes it seem worse. It reminds me to be very grateful my season is year long and I have the best of it to look forward to. Not to throw salt on the wound. That will come in December and January.

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  2. Doesn’t seem long since your playing season started! Ironically, my winter is busier than the summer golf-wise, as our business occupies less of my time then. At least here in the south of England we can play through the winter, even if it can be a bit wet underfoot at times! Cheers, Rob.

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