The Lag of Your Golf Club on The Downswing

There are many ways to generate power in your golf swing. One of the most common is generating the lag of the club head on the down swing. What this means to me (I hope my terminology is correct) is the angle of the wrist cock as it hits your hips. I have always thought it the angle between your club and forearms should be at 90º, however, after watching Sergio Garcia and Jon Rahm, I am not so sure.

Watch the comparison between Garcia and Rahm’s swing. Specifically, focus on the angle of the wrist and forearm, at the waist and below, as the they complete their down swing.

It is amazing and at the lag of the club head until just before the end of the down swing! Here is another look at Garcia’s swing from the front.

And Phil Mickelson’s swing also shows my point.

Their hands are hinged until they reach the ball and then they both ‘snap’ their hands through to generate a tremendous amount of power.

After looking at my swing, I realize I am casting way too early. I lose a tremendous amount of power early in my down swing. I was told this in the past, I think, but I never realized how much until now. Of course the golf season is coming to an end and hitting the range is not possible at this time, but rectifying this swing deficiency is going on my list of things to work on next spring!

Do you have a significant lag in your down swing? If so, do you think it is enough?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

3 thoughts on “The Lag of Your Golf Club on The Downswing

  1. There is one extremely important thing to look at in the video with Garcia and Rahm that is key to generating lag. At the top of their swing, as they transition, you will see both of them lay the club off. Basically allowing the club head to drop a bit which changes the clubs angle of attack to somewhere below the swing plane. Right after that angle change, you will see that their wrists cock even more as the downward portion of the swing begins. That laying off motion insures they can carry that lag down through the swing.

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