Golf Equipment: Buyer’s Remorse

How often do you routinely buy golf equipment? Do you do the appropriate research to ensure you are receiving the greatest value for you dollar? For some, the answer to these questions is yes. Like myself, we take the time to identify what equipment is required and take the time to identify the right piece at the best price. It is a process, but I do it to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Do you have Buyer’s Remorse?

Yes, many garages are riddled with golf equipment that the owner wish they had never purchased. They bought a club in the spur of the moment and then after using it for 9 holes realize that it is the wrong club for them. Hence, it starts to collect dust, never to see the light of day again.

I remember back many years ago when I made my one and only trip to Myrtle Beach. I went with a friend and we were team up with another twosome for our morning game at Marsh Harbour. As expected we loop the first 9 chatting about our lives. One of the gentlemen was having a tough time and his frustration grew. At 9, he ran into the club house to pick up a hot dog and a beer. After about 15 minutes, he was walking back to the 10th tee with a hotdog, beer and a new set of clubs.

He stated that the Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845s were a deal and this was a loaner set to try before he made a purchase. Besides, his current set weren’t working and he needed to try something different. For the next 9, he proceeded to convince himself that his game was better and his contact crisper. In actual fact, I saw no difference in his game. Additionally, he and his buddy were trying to figure out how he was going to get his new clubs in the house without his wife finding out. My friend and I thought that was funny and wished the luck after our round.

That evening we happen to meet at a restaurant and we asked him if he bought the clubs. He said he did, but was quickly becoming disappointed as his afternoon game with his new clubs fared no better than the morning. He thought he we would go back to his old clubs tomorrow and see what happens. I could tell from his expression, that his impulse buy was not the smartest thing he did on his golf trip. He was definitely feeling buyer’s remorse.

I enjoy purchasing golf equipment. I experienced buyer’s remorse early in my career, however I take more time before spending any money. I found that it is important to know what I am trying to improve before deciding on any club or piece of kit; it is smart and helps ensure I do not experience buyer’s remorse. Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse when buying golf stuff?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golf Equipment: Buyer’s Remorse

  1. I agree with Kevin. I have only purchased fitted clubs.
    I know they are made for me specifically and I feel I’ve hit some great shots with them ( for my skill level ). So If I bounce a few off the pine trees I know it can’t be the clubs fault.
    However, I think there may be a training aide or two that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while………..

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  2. I haven’t had buyers remorse over golf equipment since I started only buying fitted clubs. That takes all the guesswork out of the equation and even if I don’t get a “deal” on them, I have spent less since making that decision.

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