Are You Proud of Your Golf Game?

Are your proud of your golf game? Or is your Ego driving your ship?

I was reminded recently of  conversation I had with Dave from One Bearded Golfer. It was a few years back, but the message still resonates with me. the gist of our conversation dealt with the mental preparation of playing and letting logic not emotion run your round.

I have talked about this fundamental tenet in many blogs. They have taken the shape of

No matter how you I slice it, checking your pride at the first tee is very important to play smart, well-executed golf. If some  or all the statements below apply to you, it might be time to investigate if your pride is hurting your game:

  • I always hit driver.
  • I made this 230 yard carry once before, I don’t know why I can not lately. But, I will always try.
  • I always use my 52º wedge to chip regardless of the lie, it is my best club.
  • I always take the risky shot, it will save me strokes in the long run.
  • Course management is a myth. I prefer to ‘Tin Cup’ it all the time!

I am sure you can add to my list (actually if you comment or send me a text, I will add to the list) about how a players pride hurts their game. Golf is a cerebral game. Emotions and confidence are important components, but they should not be at the forefront of every shot. Understanding and playing to our strengths is very important to lower your golf scores. Letting your pride dictate you club selection or course management is a recipe for disaster.

I am proud of my golf game. I am happy with my approach to golf and the way I play most rounds. I have learned, however, that pride in the shape of ego has to stay in my bag if I want to play well. How about you? Does your pride overshadow your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Are You Proud of Your Golf Game?

  1. I agree. It’s fine to be proud of your game, but you can’t let your ego get in the way. That goes for every swing not just when you’re in trouble.

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