First Aid Saves Lives on The Golf Course

Are you ready to provide first aid to a playing partner who might experience a severe medical incident on the golf course? Although the golf course is a relatively safe place to play, the unthinkable can happen a fun outing turns into a possible life and death situation. Personally, I have St. Johns Ambulance First Aid qualified (needed it for my job) and feel confident I could react to most things, but are you?

***This article was inspired by Mike Johnny’s recent article where his Uncle Charle was saved by his playing partners. It is a very important read worth the time. You can find it at 36aday – Celebrating a life saved and three heroes.***

Do you know first aid?

Over the years, I have only dealt with minor injuries like sunburn, cuts, twisted ankle, twinged back or hurt wrist. All of these required minor first aid and the player was able to leave the course under their own steam. Considering the number of rounds of golf I played over the years, I am extremely lucky.

Unfortunately, there are other hazards that have a potential to cause grave harm:

  • Bee stings – does someone in the group carry an epipin?
  • Heart Attack – Do you know CPR?
  • Heat Stroke –  Do you know the symptoms and how to treat?
  • A broken bone – can you protect the person from further injury?
  • Hogweed – Can you identify it? It causes severe blistering!

My list is not extensive, but I think you see my point about being able to apply first aid to someone in need on the golf course. As I get older, the above (and many other) health risks are prevalent when we play golf.

I support Mike Johnny’s efforts to be prepared by taking a CPR course. I also support everyone being first aid qualified, but that will take more time and effort. The way I figure it, I would rather be prepared and never use it, than the other way around.

Golf season is just starting and I do wish you a safe and productive season.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “First Aid Saves Lives on The Golf Course

  1. Thanks for the mention, Jim. I never truly thought much beyond sun and hydration issues but that is changed now. A good list and I hope together we can inform readers of important considerations.
    Cheers, Mike.

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