Broken Golf Clubs

I have never broken a club intentionally or accidentally while playing golf. Although I have witnessed others break their clubs, I cannot even imagine the feeling of watching part of my club sail farther than the ball. The shock of such a sudden change in my equipment is not something I relish experiencing.

Breaking a golf club is nothing unusual. I have witnessed several club heads departing the shaft and each time I was shocked to see it go. One time, many years ago, my friend hit his ball with the hosel and we spent the better part of 15 minutes finding it in the in the weeds.

It seems that more than half of golfers have broken a club.

I have watched players wrap their clubs around a tree like Ernie Els.

If your club breaks through normal play, there is an option to replace it during the normal round. This falls under Rule 4-3: Damaged Clubs: Repair and Replacement. I am not sure if this rule is applicable to amateurs except if they were passing through the clubhouse after 9 holes. I know that I carry extra clubs, but the rule is there for the using.

4-3. Damaged Clubs: Repair and Replacement

a. Damage in Normal Course of Play. If, during a stipulated round, a player’s club is damaged in the normal course of play, he may:

(i) use the club in its damaged state for the remainder of the stipulated
round; or

(ii) without unduly delaying play, repair it or have it repaired; or

(iii) as an additional option available only if the club is unfit for play, replace the damaged club with any club. The replacement of a club must not unduly delay play (Rule 6-7) and must not be made by borrowing any club selected for play by any other person playing on the course or by assembling components carried by or for the player during the stipulated round. Not to mention the cost of replacing a broken club.

(Ref: Golf Canada – Rules of Golf)

Breaking golf clubs is not a good thing. Not to mention the cost to replace them is detrimental to positive peace of mind. I am not sure I want to experience the feeling, but I guess it is part of golf.

Have you ever broken a golf club during your swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Broken Golf Clubs

  1. Jim, I’ve had a club head fly off the shaft and cracked an old wooden 5 wood on contact once. But when you swing as hard as Bubba Watson, that’s bound to happen 🙂



  2. My very first set of clubs was a cheap set I bought at a KMart. One day I hit the 4 iron off the tee and watched both the ball and the club head fly away. Both flew straight so I’m pretty sure I hit the face, not the hosel. But it snapped about halfway down the hosel so who knows.

    That’s the only club I’ve broken. But I have played with people who broke them on purpose. One even threw his whole bag in a lake while we played an office tournament at Isla Del Sol. I saw one of the sales crew go swimming for them later.

    That brings back another memory. We got to play that private course for our office tournament that day because one of the companies newer employees was a member there. Vern and I became fast friends and he often invited me to play the course with him. During one of the rounds we played together there, I was on the tee box on a hole that paralleled the main road that connects the mainland to the beaches. I hit a really bad push and watched the ball heading for the street. As it turned out, President Bush had been staying the night at the Don Cesar hotel on the beach and his motorcade was going by just when my ball landed. I missed all the cars thankfully, but I’ll never forget watching Vern laugh so hard he couldn’t keep his feet. He was a member of our congress for a time and very political minded. He knew or at least suspected the President would be going by sometime during the day. He’d been keeping an eye out for them I assume to point it out to me and I guess I made the surprise a bit more than he planned for. I remember we had lunch in the club afterwards and he kept telling the waitresses to keep on eye out for the Secret Service because they were coming for me. It took years to live that down.


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