Do You Use All Your Wedges or Just Carry Them?

The rules of golf allow each player to carry 14 clubs. Because of this limitation, selecting the right clubs for my game is critical to low golf scores. Repeatedly, I have espoused that my short game is where my scoring resides and I believe that is the same for everyone. Therefore, years ago, I chose to take out my 5 wood and replace it with a 60º gap wedge. It is a decision I do not regret. This resulted in carrying 4 wedges when I play, but more importantly, I consistently use all 4 wedges. Do you?

I am not the only player to carry 4 wedges, almost 50% of the players do the same.

Each wedge has its use and each player must decide for themselves where and when to use what wedge. The discussion resulting from the above poll netted a plethora of combinations of degrees and number of short clubs used. The conversation was very interesting and I realized that there is no right answer, except the one that the player chooses.

The discussion did get me to wondering. How many of the wedges you carry are actually used. I know a few friends who carry a 60º wedge and never use it. It is covered with dust and I guess it is in the bag to keep the other clubs company! I have mentioned to my friends that if they are not going to use it, take it out and put in a club they would feel comfortable using. After strange looks of disbelief, I stop talking.

It is important to know how to use all my wedges. I never know what situation I will encounter on the course and so I must be prepared for anything. I take the time to practice my short game and thus I have confidence pulling any wedge out at any time. This skill was developed over years of trial and error, but I am reaping the rewards of my efforts. Do you use all your wedges?

For a refresher, here is where I believe wedges should be used:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Do You Use All Your Wedges or Just Carry Them?

  1. I have 4 wedges at 44, 49, 54 and 59. I don’t carry a driver, preferring a 3W off the tee, so no trouble fitting them in. When I was fitted for irons last year, I opted for wedges in the same line (Steelhead XR) and settings ie 1/2 inch shorter and 2 degrees flat. That has absolutely changed my wedge play for the better. Lob wedge is one of my most frequently used clubs now. Cheers, Rob.


  2. Jim, last year I had a 5WD, PW, GW, SW. This year I took out the 5WD and am with PW, GW, SW, LW. On rare occasions where I’d need the 5WD, I just step on a 3-iron or choke a 3WD. The four wedges are definitely preferred and I use them all.



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  3. I, too, carry 4 wedges. Do I use them all every game? No. But I’d be way more lost without that lob wedge when it’s needed than I am without the 5 wood.

    I bought a new bag a few years ago and when I transferred clubs from the old bag to the new, I was embarrased to find that I had failed to count the slots in the old bag. I’d been carrying an extra club for years. Oops!

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