Have An Awesome Wednesday Golfing!

If there is anything I know, golfing at anytime is always good. On this particular day, it would be even better, but unfortunately it is not on my schedule. However, for those heading out to the links I thought I would drop you a couple of hints that would help lower your golf score!

Hitting it straight is the way to lower you golf score.

Not playing much this year (actually hardly at all) I realize that my skills will atrophy. This is a short-term problem, but to lower my golf scores when I return, I have to focus on some very basic swing thoughts. I thought I would share them with you because they transcend all areas of our game. Here is what I think:

Have fun. My game, as yours I am sure, fluctuates. The main thin to keep in mind is to remember golf is suppose to be fun. Yes from time to time we get frustrated, but it is suppose to be fun.

Stay focused. Staying in the moment when shooting any shot is critical to proper execution. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the lie, weather, conditions or just life and I do not focus as much as I should. When you are on the links today, take that extra second to stay focused.

Play each shot. I sometimes get into a ‘as routine’ way of playing golf. I always hit my X club from this distance or it is always a 3 wood off the tee here. These are traps and failures that I work on constantly. I think I need to play each shot better and use the variables around me to make the right shot.

Well those are my thoughts for today. As you head to the links, I am sure there are many other thoughts going through your mind, but if you keep what I suggest in mind, I can envision you shooting lower golf scores.

Have an awesome Wednesday on the links!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Have An Awesome Wednesday Golfing!

  1. Well, this is such a good information. I love playing golf every day. but this month I was not able to play golf because it always raining. anyway. thank you for your post. awesome as well as interesting post.


  2. Well, I took your advise and went out to play today. Great idea. While it was cart path only and there was a lot of standing water around, I only landed in it once. I had a great start, par, birdie, birdie, then settled in for a string of pars until the ninth where I got my first bogie hitting my approach fat, then chipped a bit too short to get myself inside 6 feet. But at least I didn’t leave that putt short. Unfortunately, I lipped it though. My irons where pretty good, my driver was on and off, but never too badly, and I would have gone under par if my putting had been a just little better. I had 4 or 5 stop 4 inches short and a couple more turn early and go under the hole instead of in. But I gave myself plenty of looks. I got three bogies on the back so I ended two over. Considering the conditions of the fairways, the slower than normal greens, and the amount of breeze, I’m pretty happy with that. I had to spend a lot of time fixing my divots. They were all ball deep and a bit of a pain to clean up. But it did make for a day you could go for it. And that’s always fun.


    • Kevin

      That is awesome! I am glad you hit the links and had a great time. It is important to have fun while playing and fixing ball marks is part of it. Especially, the ball marks I make! Thanks for the update, I enjoyed it very much. Great score by the way.

      Cheers Jim


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