I Need Help Preparing for Fall Golf

It is August first already and where I live we have about 30 days of fantastic weather before the temperature starts to change. With this change, we Canadians start to look at how to extend our golf season as long as possible. I know that today seems like an odd day but my golf season is at its midway point, so time to get ready.

My Friend Duffy dressed for fall golf!


As you can see, we dress in layers and warming to play late in the golf season. But, it is important to have the proper layers to ensure we stay warm and dry for 18 holes. This year, I plan to update my wardrobe for fall golf. I am hoping to play a few rounds at the end of the season, so I plan to ensure I am ready.

The problem is I am not entirely sure what I need, but here is what I am thinking:

  1. a gortex outer layer with long sleeves
  2. a gortex outer layer with elbow length sleeves
  3. fleece under layer
  4. close to the skin under armour type long sleeve shirt
  5. pants of some sort

What I am looking for is some recommendations for brands and perhaps other pieces of kit I might need. At this time, I am open to all suggestions and will sift through the responses. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “I Need Help Preparing for Fall Golf

  1. Brian,

    As a Canadian golfer myself, I have golfed a lot during the fall season over the years. I can honestly say an under armour long sleeve shirt is essential, when the wind comes you don’t want it getting under your clothing, having a tight long sleeve shirt will keep you warm for the most part. The other suggestions you listed I agree with, but don’t forget a toque!

    Enjoy the fall season!



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