Working With Professionals Pays Dividends

A week ago, I experience a delicate process of harvesting my stem cells. When I arrived at Ottawa General Hospital, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the staff and their calm demeanour. Of course, I was like a duck; calm on the outside and running a 100 yard dash on the inside. As they prepared me for treatment, I marveled at their expertise, confidence and their ability to work within a controlled chaos environment. The nurses were fantastic and as I watch them responded to the various unexpected situations for four hours, I could easily see that working with professionals pays dividends.

When working on my golf game I find that there are very few sources that provide the expertise I require. Most of the time, the local professional has plenty of knowledge to help with some of my game, however there are situations where my skill exceeds the person I had elicited for help. In those cases, I need to seek professionals with more experience and knowledge (much like the specialized treatment I required from the stem cell nurses) to achieve the results I expect.

As a customer or patient, I have certain expectations from professionals who I deal with. From a professional golfer, I expect them to be able to relay the required information in a manner so I can understand what they are saying. I also expect that they can explain the topic in several different ways. Lastly, I expect the professional to react to improvements in my game; potential unnoticed challenges in my swing; and to have a plan that allows me to achieve my goal. Not surprisingly, the stem cell nurses do the same as a professional golfer and more.

I could go on and on, but I think you can see the similarities between a professional golf teacher and the stem cell nurses. Both demonstrated a plan to achieve a goal, easily adjusted the plan if something changes, and follows through until the goal is achieved. In my case, these amazing medical professionals harvested my stem cells without a hitch. I enjoyed watching them navigate through a complicated medical process with ease.

I want to send a huge ‘Thank You’ to the stem cell nurses; Josee, Miriam, Anette, Loretta, Martha, and Kelly for the expert care you provided during my 4.5 hour treatment. Your professionalism and empathy is making a difference and I for one am grateful for your wonderful care!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Working With Professionals Pays Dividends

  1. Happy to hear you think so highly of the staff that is providing your care. That goes a long way towards giving you confidence. And confidence in the care you receive goes a long way in helping with the healing process. Our minds have a lot more to do with healing that many realize. Confidence and determination are the keys to success in a lot of areas of our lives and healing is certainly one of them. Keep the faith and we hope to hear you are back on the course before your season ends.


    • Thanks Kevin. You are absolutely right and my wife and I subscript to that train of thought in all aspects of our lives. The end of treatment is near and things are looking great. Thanks for the positive note. Play well today.

      Cheers Jim


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