Are All Golf Bloggers Professional Writers?

Are all golf bloggers professional writers is a tough question. I came across a quote by Richard Bach that sent my head in a tailspin! I am a professional writer by occupation, but I was not clear if blogging about golf would be considered professional writing. Additionally, I wondered if golf bloggers are writers or authors or if there is a difference.

For those who do not know, Richard Bach is an American writer who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It is one of his many his famous books. He suggests from his quote that persistent writing on topics like golf lead writers to be considered professional.

Professional writing is a specific style that is a little more formal than for entertainment and allows the reader to make an informed decision about a specific topic. Now, the definition focuses on the workplace, but I would suggest that if any blogger has written an equipment review, course review or offered slightly more than an opinion on a specific golf topic, this would be considered professional writing.

Also, I researched the distinction between being a writer and an author. Not to bore you with all the details, I would consider most golf bloggers writers for sure. If done properly, we touch the author category, but primarily golf bloggers, because of their content, would be considered writers. If we are regularly being paid to write or have been paid to write a single article, I would consider these bloggers as being professional. 

In the big scheme of things, the reason for today’s diatribe is rooted in the possible evolution of our golf blogs. In my case, I mostly write about what inspires me for the day. From time to time I include professional writing when offer reviews on courses and equipment. As I”feed the golf beast” (originally said to me by Rick Williams who writes about golf and food) by writing almost daily (to date 85 days in a row) I wonder if there is more to be done with The Grateful Golfer? Do I need to do more? These and many more questions keep bouncing around in my head. 

For now, I will stay the course as a writer, sometimes professional writer, and rarely an author. Why change what is working I guess. 

Do you consider yourself a writer, professional writer or author? Does it matter? 

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


13 thoughts on “Are All Golf Bloggers Professional Writers?

  1. JIm,

    Great read and thank you for sharing. I believe that bloggers are also writers too, but to be recognized as a professional is different. I believe anyone who is willing to share a story/report can be recognized as a blogger or writer. As for me right now, I like to think of myself as someone who likes to write for a hobby, nothing more nothing less.


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  2. A very interesting article, Jim.
    It is easy enough for me to call myself a golf writer and being part of an association of golf journalists provides some validation to my efforts. But I do suspect that bloggers are on a pecking order of writers that is simply lower than other professionals who’s work are found in other mediums than a blog. The notion of being a professional is the real important context here. Some bloggers have been able to carve out professional space (payment and a level of recognition that ‘pros’ have versus hobby/amateur writers). Love the topic and would welcome a chat with you on this when we meet at the Toronto Golf Show this February. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you good health and a safe and happy off-season.
    Cheers, Mike

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    • Mike

      Thanks for your insight. I would love to discuss this in TO in Feb. I do see your point about bloogers vs writers. As soon as we start to label things, it becomes a very complex and perspective becomes a factor. Have a great off-season as well.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, I think we are all writers until someone pays us to write. Then we become professionals. However, we are all journalists/reporters in a sense, as we all have a story to tell. As a result, I would never advise anyone to go to college and study Journalism nowadays. There’s just too many folks reporting on the same stuff out there. Just look what’s happening to the newspaper business.




      • Jim, I love to write and just checked some of my blog stats which are interesting. I started in 2011. Seven years later, I write about half as often (with about 2.5 posts per month, but each post has twice as many words 🙂 So I let me thoughts percolate a bit longer and blabber on double the time 🙂



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  5. I sometimes do technical writing. Explanations of procedures needed to perform tasks with software I have created. But I prefer writing code to writing instructions. It’s the creative part of the job.

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    • Kevin

      Well you have passed my expertise already by talking about writing code….haha. Writing instructions is a form of professional writing and many of us have had the please to write these – they are more difficult than they seem. Have a great round today!

      Cheers Jim


      • I got the weekday round in on Tuesday. It was cool and pretty windy with gusts up to 25 mph and I was pressed for time with a bit under two hours to get through it and no time to warm up first, so I didn’t score my best. But I did manage to hit the green on both of the short par fours. The shorter of the two for the third time in a row which amazes me to no end. It’s easy to reach distance wise at 248, but only half of the green is visible, and the half you can see has half of that covered by a sand trap. Also it sets up best for a draw, not the little fade I’m still hitting. I missed all of the eagle putts, but they were all outside twenty feet so that’s not something I can complain about. I also hit a couple very pretty flop shots from relatively tight lies that got within the 3 foot mark so I was happy enough with the day. It sure beats the all sweating I was doing a month ago. lol

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