Quiet Time for Golf

For the past seven years I notice a distinct drop in views at The Grateful Golfer. I do not think the material is any less ‘awesome’ (please ignore my shameless plug), but the fact the all the tours are preparing for a resurgence of activity in January. The big names are taking time with families and planning their schedule around the Majors. Overall, it is a quiet time for golf.

I also find writing about golf a bit challenging because of the lack of material. There are a few good stories about journeyman players making a date for the big dance, but mostly golfing news is on cruise control. 

Of course the new rules come into affect on January first, but that topic has been reported again and again. I my opinion, most amateur golfers will act surprised at the rule changes and wonder why it was not advertised. I am looking forward to my first tournament in 2019 to see how many players actually read or understand the new rules.

To pass the time, I am also learning how to use Inkscape. Here is what I have built lately. It is a work in progress, but it will have multiple applications moving forward.

I am still working on my chipping mat, it will be ready in the new year. I need to dig out my putter to start practicing my short game. And I need to make room for some new toys I hope to receive in a few weeks. Also, I will be entering some contests as I mentioned yesterday. It is a ‘steady as it goes’ time of year.

For now, I accept the quiet time of golf. It allows me to catch up on other fun things in my life. We start snowshoeing regularly and embracing the cold a bit more; if not it will be a long winter. Concurrently, I will try to keep up on the golf news and write about something golf everyday. 

How about you? What do you do to pass the time during golf’s quiet time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links! 

7 thoughts on “Quiet Time for Golf

  1. Hi Jim,
    I have also been blogging golf for seven years, my enthusiasm for writing golf is slowly drifting away. A lot of work, for little reward, plus I am getting old. It is summer here so for me playing golf is full on, and my game is getting better, it was a tough time through the winter months but the sunshine is great. Hope you have a great Christmas, and your hard work on your game proves to be beneficial on your quest to scratch. As they say if you fail to prepare properly you are inadvertently preparing yourself to fail.

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  2. There is no quiet time for golf in Florida.

    As to the changes in rules, back on Nov 20th, you said you would be going through all of the changes and I haven’t seen anything since. I can surely get the info from other sites but I was looking forward to more articles on the subject from you.

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