Rick Shiels Shares 5 Things Good Golfers Do

Rick Shiels is one of the several YouTube channels I follow. He provides a come sense approach to golf that I can support. Yesterday, he published a video of the 5 things that all good golfers do that produce consistent positive results in their game. After watching his video I can attest to his findings and fully support his message.

Here is what Rick has to say:

As a recap, Rick suggests that these 5 things are consistently found in good golfers:

  • Use the same type of golf ball
  • Prepare your clubs
  • Watch your playing partner’s putt
  • Focus on the positive
  • Shot calculation

If you are a regular follower at The Grateful Golfer, you know I whole-heartedly support what Rick is saying. His quick video ties together simple things that every golfer can do to get better.

As a single handicap, I do all of these simple actions without fail. When I watched Rick’s video I did not have an epiphany moment, but realized that others might benefit from what was presented.

If I had to pick one of the 5 points I feel is the most important, I would go with number 5. Shot calculation is a lost art in golf. With the advent of electronic measuring devices, many players forget to account for the other stressors of a golf shot. Temperature, wind, and ground conditions are just a couple things I think about when making a golf shot. Shot calculation, if conducted properly, will prevent us from coming up 15 yards short on an easy approach shot.

There are other routine things that lower handicap players perform to remain consistent. They are almost innate, but should be shared for the masses to learn.

If I was to add another point to Rick’s list, I would add learning how far you hit each club. I am not talking about best distance ever, but hitting the ball on a normal sunny day with no wind how far do you hit each club. As an example, my 7-iron goes 150-155 yards. This is an important base calculation that all golfers need to understand and know.

Do you have any other tips to offer?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Rick Shiels Shares 5 Things Good Golfers Do

  1. Hi Jim,
    Have to admit that shot calculation is important, I used to use a wrist gps,and found it great for distance, but it is easy to forget to calculate the other things like the wind Etc.
    Just recently I have had to go back to manual distance measuring because the device I was using stopped working. Getting a replacement under warranty from the USA manufacturer is an ongoing nightmare. Will tell you when it is finally (hopefully) settled.


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    • Kevin,

      I clean my clubs after every shot. I even have a brush to clean the groves. This has been a habit of mine for 20+ years, all part of my routine when I play. It does help to have clean clubs for every shot.

      Cheers Jim


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