Time to Stop Harassing the GM and Superintendent For Things They Cannot Control

It is golf season in most of the northern climes! I chomped at the bit for so long waiting for golf season, I just need mother nature to cooperate. I have played 3 times (9 hole only) and want to get out more. On those days I could have played 18 holes, but carts were not available because the course was “too wet”. I mean common on, it does not seem that wet to me. So, lets get on with it! Additionally, the front 9 is still closed with no indication of when it is going to open. These are only a few of the current challenges facing my golf season from charging into full steam. So, what is the hold up; it has to be the General Manager and Superintendent!

Okay, I really have to put things straight! My GM, Jeff, and Superintendent, Craig, have nothing by the best in mind for the players and the course. They are the professionals and the last thing they need are a group of inexperienced, arm-chair golfers making decisions on the management of the course. I mean could that not be the worst thing for Osprey Links or what!

12th hole of Osprey Links Golf Course in June of 2016.
Lush and ready for foot traffic!

They have not complained to me, but I am sure they have been subjected to an endless stream of grief for not opening sooner. In all fairness, they have no control over mother nature. Allowing the amount of foot traffic on golf course before the grass had a chance to germinate or grow would have long-term disastrous results. For those who do not know:

Cool-season grass seed germinates best when soil temperatures are between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This roughly corresponds to daytime air temperatures in the 60 F to 75 F range.

Source: Pennington.com

We have not felt these temperatures during the early part of the season…at all! The important part of the above statement that is left out, is the word “consistently”. Until the temperatures raises ‘consistently’ to about 70 degrees, the grass will only grow and germinate at the lowest of speeds. And after checking the weather app, that is not going to happen for another couple of weeks at least.

My point of this diatribe is that all members need to trust that their GM and Superintendent at the beginning of the golf season. They are the professionals and deserve our respect and most of all, understanding. Believe me, they would love to have the course open, but they have the big picture in mind!

Thanks Jeff and Craig for putting up with us kids. The course is going to be awesome this year and we just need to have a patience!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Time to Stop Harassing the GM and Superintendent For Things They Cannot Control

  1. Jim, totally agree. These agronomists provide an invaluable service and deserve our full support. Other than great course conditions, the only thing I expect in return is open information regarding scheduled maintenance, and a timely calendar update when circumstances change. Nothing is worse than scheduling an important round and learning the course has just aerated your greens, etc. Every course should have a current maintenance calendar on their website IMO.




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