Play Better Golf – Starting With My Putting

I can say that my game is starting to improve. This is no surprise given the time of year, yet there is one area where I am every please with and hope it continues. That is my putting. I have a solid feel for the greens and have only a few 3-putts this year. This is a great thing because my touch on the greens will only get better.

I practice more last winter than I ever have in the past. I put a new grip on my putter and found it very comfortable, so my confidence with the flat stick started off strong.

Yesterday, I played 27 holes (I pushed myself physically for sure) and shot only one 3-putt for bogey. I found that my alignment was very good as I understood the speed needed to make short and long putts.

While playing my first round, Rick and I talked about putting. He said he was watching The Golf Channel the other day and Peter Kostis provided a great tip that Rick shared. To sum it up this is what Kostis said:

Pick your line; cut it in half; and get the ball to the hole!

As relayed to me by Rick.
Putting is a tough skill to master in golf!

This is perfect advice. Especially the get the ball to the hole. I have said that since I have talked about putting. The general convention for putting is 8 inches past the hole for every putt and if the ball catches the hole, it will fall.

Rick and I joked about that for my first nine because he habitually left his putt short. So every time he did, we mentioned what Kostis said. Rick is generally a strong putter, but yesterday he seem to be light on his first putt.

I used this advice for the next two nines with very good success. I found that if I missed and my ball went 8 inches past, I had a simple tap in for par or bogey. My best putt of the day was on the 16th green and I sank a 42 foot putt for par. On the same green during my last round I pulled off a Jordan Spieth.

Spieth used to look at the hole when putting. So, I decided to have a bit of fun. I was about 8 feet from the hole; aligned everything; looked up at Mike and stared at him as I putted the ball in the hole. He said a few words I cannot repeat, but we all had a great chuckle.

Bottom line about Kostis’ tip is to ensure that we roll the ball at least 8 inches past the hole on every putt. This will ensure the not matter what, your ball will always have a chance to drop.

If you are wondering why I am playing so many 9 hole rounds at Osprey Links; it is because we have had so much rain, the front 9 is rarely open. We need things to dry up before it is usable.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Play Better Golf – Starting With My Putting

  1. Putting well is always a joy. I’ve practiced that Jordan Spieth move at home for fun. It works fine here, but it’s not something I do on the course though you make it sound worth my while in the right circumstances. Lol

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