Fighting a Golf Injury

There is nothing worse than having a golf injury when your season is only 7 months long. There is a sense of urgency to try and play through the pain, but generally this is the wrong course of action. As I get older, I find that I have a few more aches and pains than before, but that is not what I am talking about. I mean actual injury where it impacts your golf swing and as such your entire game. This type of injury provides a mental dilemma that most golfers face from time to time.

Through the years, I have injured my feet, knees, elbow (several times) shoulder, back and neck. I have been very lucky that none of these injuries. Unlike Tiger Woods, I have never required surgery or any major medical attention.

Fortunately, my injuries were not long lasting and I was able to recover and start playing is very short order. However, I am always wary of returning from an injury too quickly (Tiger Woods is a perfect example) because I do not want it to be a nagging injury that ruins my entire season. I use the following saying for my own injures (and athletes I coached over the years):

I would rather be out for a day than a week; a week than a month; a month than an entire season!

Bottom line is that we need to pay attention to any injury to determine if it is something that needs more than a bit of ice and heat to rectify. Seeking medical attention is not a bad idea and you will know your body best. My advice about taking care of your injury early is solid and has served me well over the years. Minimizing the amount of golf lost to an injury is very important and something I take very seriously.

Do you try to play through injuries?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Fighting a Golf Injury

  1. Hi Jim,
    actually I have never had an injury that kept me from playing. I have known players that came back too soon from injury and paid the price. Some ended up never returning, so to lose a season and come back healthy is the best option.

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  2. Jim, it depends on the injury. When I had elbow tendonitis, I played through it until it got too bad. Then I had to sit and rehab it for several months. Fortunately that was over the winter and I didn’t miss too much time. Haven’t dealt with anything serious enough other than normal aches and pains. I’m usually out there despite.



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    • Brian,

      Depending on the injury, I agree that playing through is a great option. Unfortunately, many players wait too long to fix their injury and as a result it lasts much longer than it should. Injuries are a very difficult at the best of times!

      Cheers Jim

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