Who Decides What Golf Shot Is Best For The Team?

You are golfing in a team scramble event and a discussion ensues which ball to use on the next shot. Your team is fortunate because you have three choices for your next shot. Each ball location offers an element of success, but plays to the individual strengths for three different players of your team. The option for multiple choices is good and challenging at the same time. Each player will want to play the ball that best fits their strengths. So, how to make the decision on which ball to play and more importantly to live with the decision!

The immediate and probably simplest way to make a decision on my team is just to listen to what I want and just do it. Mostly because I am the best player and I know what is the best shot because of the risk/reward influences and I have the greater skill. Additionally, it is more likely that I will make the best shot, so lets stack all the cards in my favour. It really is for the best!

Well, if you were appalled by the above paragraph, then imagine how I felt writing it. It is contradictory to my team philosophy and hope that I am never that guy. (okay Rick and Blair, stop laughing) I have played on a couple of teams where a member was like this and I stopped playing with them after the round. It just was not any fun.

Sometimes the best decision on what ball to play is not what we expected.

When making decisions on which ball to use (having options is always great), I believe in using the consensus approach. Using my Men’s Night team as a typical example, I like to discuss our shot options with the end result in mind. Blair and I usually chat the most, but Murray and Rick chime in on long shots and short approach shots respectively. Each contributes in their own way and it works well for us.

Ultimately, the decision is made when two or more players what to hit from a particular spot. It is important that after the decision is made, everyone needs to check their ego and own the shot. It makes absolutely no sense to complain or if things go poorly to say ‘I told you so”. That is just a defeatist attitude and has no place within a golf team.

Playing my consensus is the way to go in my humble opinion. It works very best for the team and generally produces the lowest scores. Additionally, an inclusive team takes advantage of every player’s strengths and this is important because you never know when one play will get hot!

I talked about this article with Blair and he jokingly said it would be best if we just listen to him! I knew he was kidding, but he did emphasize that owning the decision was the most important aspect of team play. He mention this before I told him that was one of the main themes of my article. This was definitely reassuring.

When you play in a team event, what are the dynamics of your team? How do you make decisions?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Who Decides What Golf Shot Is Best For The Team?

  1. Jim
    The unwritten rule I’ve always used was …everyone gets a vote (an opinion) the best golfer gets two votes. If the handicaps are wide ranging, everyone has to realize that they are riding on the best golfers shoulders most of the round.

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  2. Jim, I’m assuming you’re referring to scramble strategy. If that’s the case, consensus usually drives the next shot discussion. I was a little confused about your opening statement on which ball to use on the “next shot.” Is that which ball of all the previously played shots, i.e. where should we play from? Because in a scramble, everyone generally hits a shot and you choose which to play after the shots, not which shot should we play before the teammates take their next shots. Please clarify.




    • Brian,

      I reread my opening paragraph and do not know what your are talking about! Okay, I am just kidding. It actually was very poorly written and I have change it significant. I hope it makes sense now. Thanks for the help. I appreciate you mentioning it. Point of the article was to use a consensus approach to scramble events and owning the choices.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. If Blair wants to make the decisions, I’m fine with that. I’ll let him pay the green’s fee’s too. lol

    Seriously, I’ll voice an opinion on occasion, but I’ll go with whatever the group chooses. I may not agree, but it’s not usually a killer either. Unless you tell me I need to skip one five times across the lake, bank it off the loo and into the hole, I can probably manage to help make whatever choice is made look at least reasonable because I’ll keep my mind open to the possibility that the choice is the right one. That seems the easiest way to be helpful to the team effort. Getting too tracked into what you want seems like it would make it harder to get past if your choice gets overridden.

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    • Kevin

      I agree that most players are fairly easy going when making group decisions. You are right about not letting our ego override our common sense. However, I have played with those whose ego is writing checks their game cannot cash.

      Cheers Jim


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