Hinge and Hold Chipping By Phil Mickelson

Most golfers struggle with getting up and down from within 50 yards of the green. I know, I practiced these distances often in the past and with my DIY chipping area in my yard I can devote even more time to successful chipping. Phil Mickelson, arguably one of the best wedge player ever, talks about using the hinge and hold chipping technique out to 50 yards from the green. I use something similar, but after watching his video, I can see the value to Mickelson’s chipping tip.

This is a short video explaining the hinge and hold chipping technique by Phil Mickelson:

The two take aways for me is Phil’s use of the clock method for measuring the distanced from the hitting area to the landing area. What he does is increase the backswing without changing any of the mechanics of his chipping swing. He explains that to hit the ball farther, just lengthen your backswing and accelerate through the ball. This technique I have used for years and it does work….most of the time. 😉

The second deals with shifting our body so that the clubface is square to the target line when we open the club face for a softer shot. After watching this video, it makes perfect sense that to be successful with an open face, we need to adjust our body to allow for square and solid contact. This is something I do not do on a regular basis and will work on it in the spring. I am not sure why I overlooked this important alignment step, but alas that is why I am an amateur golfer.

Phil Mickelson’s hinge and hold technique to chipping around the green has tremendous merit. It will offer repeatable swing mechanics out to 50 yards. I always believe that the less changes to our swing (at any distance) will produce lower golf scores because we eliminate extra changes to make a mistake. What do you think about Phil’s hinge and hold chipping technique?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Hinge and Hold Chipping By Phil Mickelson

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  2. I, too, believe Phil’s method is a good go-to technique. I also invested in the Callaway PM wedges to compliment his ideas. Just took a short-game lesson so on this rainy Saturday, I’ll take some time to go back and watch several of his videos. Keep up the good fight!

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  3. I’d like to be better with the hinge & hold method. It’s certainly one of the more dramatic looking ways to get the ball to the hole. But it’s not one I attempt all that often. Even when the conditions are perfect for it. It’s a rare occasion when I think that adding enough spin to stop a train will get me closer to the hole than simply allowing the ball to run out of steam as it gets there.


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