Having Fun On The Golf Course

Having fun on the golf course is a primary goal of any golfer. Realistically, if we are not having fun (even on the bad days) why spend 4 hours-ish looping around 18 holes. Playing our best game is always a good way to turn up the fun meter, but that is not always the case. Others play side games for cash or bragging rights. An others just play for the fun of playing. There are a plethora of options and one that I like is playing head to head on a challenging hole…..just like Wolff, Morikawa and Johnson did at the 10th hole at Riviera.

Have a look:

I like the fact that they had very little rules except that hand to use a driver for one of the tee shots. This made for some fun second shots as the green was surrounded by bunkers. As the players made shot after shot, I enjoyed listening to their banter and descriptions of what shot they were trying to play. I guarantee that my groups displayed a higher level of trash talk. Of course, we were not making a ‘G’ rated video.

As the players made shot after shot, it became clear that even this minor challenge brought out the competitive nature of these golf professionals. None wanted to make a poor shot and for the most part, their play around the green was spectacular. DJ demonstrated that he is not just about power with his delicate sand and chip shots to finish 1 under for the short competition. It just goes to show that if we amateurs want to save strokes work on our short game.

Having fun on the golf course is paramount. If for some reason I find myself not really enjoying each round, I will take an extra day or two off just to reset my mind before heading to the first tee again. With such a short season, it is important that I keep this positive mindset so I can squeeze the most out of each golf season. Regardless of your score, I hope you are having fun when you play.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Having Fun On The Golf Course

  1. Having fun while playing golf is by far the most important reason why I play golf. If you are not having fun, why spend thousands of dollars a year on equipment and fees. Don’t get me wrong, I want to play well. Having the right perspective and attitude helps us be grateful golfers.

    Too often over the years I have watched promising junior golfers quit the competitive game because of pressure to perform often because of misguided expectations. Golf is a game and it should be fun. If you are getting frustrated I playing golf, it is likely more of a problem with attitude than skill.

    In the last number of years I have played half of my rounds with historical equipment which has brought me more joy and appreciation for the game of golf. It has changed my focus to creativity in shotmaking versus looking for every technological advantage, and I am having more fun and I am playing better.

    Even though I am a bit of a tech geek, I believe things are getting a little out of hand. Too much emphasis is placed on the latest tech being the solution when managing your way around the course and creative shot making will bring you more satisfaction. Again, bringing more fun to your game.

    Jim, like you I am a grateful golfer. I just picked up a matched set of Walter Hagen irons from the early 1930’s and can’t wait to get them out on the course. It has brought out the kid in me and that is what it is all about, having fun.


      • Last week I learned that May 2 is World Hickory Golf Day while on the Society of Hickory Golfers website. I am having fun planning an event similar to the one at Osprey Links at my home course. In a week we have 24 eager beavers chomping at the bit to play, now that will be fun. I feel like a kid again. You should talk to Bill V and get a foursome out on that day.

        Also, would like an invitation to return this summer.


  2. I joined in with the tour pro’s and wore my black and red on the course today. Went out by myself, had my headphones on for a change. And I played solid if not exceptional golf.

    I didn’t play like Tiger unfortunately, but for me it was a pretty good day. My ball striking seemed just off. Enough where I wasn’t often close, but good enough to get me on the dance floor kind of day. And some of that really wasn’t my ball striking, it was my reading of what the wind was going to do.

    It caught a shot I’d hit with my pitching wedge on the shortest par 3 the second it rose over the condo’s that line the hole and sent it 30 feet left at least. Reminded me of the hooks I used to hit. But it wasn’t me this time. That one gave me what was probably the worst lie I could have asked for on the green. On the wrong side of a knoll that makes it murder to read your putt. All those 9 foot putts I make every night came in handy for that second putt.


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