Endless Possibilities on the Golf Course

You know, one of the aspects of golf I like the most are the possibilities. Every shot offers hope abound with a chance of disaster. Now how exciting is that? I have watched players bunt their ball up the fair way in 5 strokes, just to chip in for a 6. The elation on their face is amazing. I have watch a perfect approach shot that would have stop inches from the pin, hit the top of a ball on the green, only to richocet into the hazard; a double show up on the scorecard. Golf has endless possibilities!

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Making an Early Shot Call

Early club selection could cause unseen challenges to my golf game.

Golf is about making decisions. What club to hit, where to aim, how hard to swing or whether to play safe are just a few examples. Some times my decisions are successful and other times I wish I could rethink the shot again. But, making decisions is a part of the game and one that I enjoy as I loop the course. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to call my shot early and this gets me in trouble from time to time. Continue reading