Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort Match Play Rules

Rules and Guidelines 2020 Osprey Links Club Championship – Match Play

  • All matches will be played by using the 2019 RCGA Rules.
  • The Stroke Match Play Event is open to all members of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. Draw will be determined by a random draw.
  • Length of time between matches will be determined by number of participants.
  • Play from your designated tees as established by your age. 64 years and younger play from the white tees; 65 and older play from the red tees.
  • This two-person match play should be played as a twosome. However, if the course requires that you play as a foursome they can fill out your group. We prefer no friends, relatives, or spouses to be part of your foursome. If you play as a threesome or foursome, you and your opponent must tee off first on each hole. This is achieved by a polite discussion with the group before the match starts.
  • Late for tee time: If a player is late for his tee time, there is a grace period of 15 minutes with no “loss-of hole” penalty. After 15 minutes, and every 15 minutes thereafter, there will be a loss of one hole penalty per 15 minute period (starting with the 1st hole) – i.e., if you are 35 minutes late, you will have a loss of the 1st and 2nd hole of the match. If a player does not call his opponent or the course to say he’ll be late, the “no-show” player forfeits the match after 40 minutes beyond the scheduled tee time.
  • A match is won when one player is up more holes than there are holes left to play. The match must go at least 9 holes in order to be official. In the case of bad weather or darkness; however, continuance or stoppage of play must be mutual and of good judgment. If play cannot be resumed within a mutually agreed upon time that day, the winner will be determined by whoever was leading after the last completed hole. In the case of a tie, sudden death play is required. Players will play hole 1 and 18 until a winner has been declared.
  • In match play, a putt or hole can be conceded by a player to his opponent at any time and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Please make every effort to resolve any disputes and determine a winner before you leave the course. Any unresolved disputes must be emailed by midnight that day to Jim Burton at  A final ruling will be given within two days and is not subject to appeal.