Osprey Links Match Play

Osprey Links Golf Course will resume their Stroke and Net Match Play Competitions. Both events will follow the standard Match Play rules with a few minor exceptions.

First, we will be following the social distancing rules as they apply to the golf course. Additionally, all COVID 19 local rules will be followed. The Osprey Links Team will continue to modify these local rules as the fluid and imposed regulations are revealed.  

Here are the basic details of the events:

  • Start: 07 JUL 2021
  • End: When Final Match is Complete
  • 2 Events: Stoke Match Play and Net Match Play
  • Prize: A parking spot close to the Club House
  • Participants: Only open to all members of Osprey Links Golf Course
  • Tournament Chair: Jim Burton
  • Rules Committee: Jim Burton and Jeff Rogerson

There is one major difference from this year’s Net Match Play tournament over last year. All participants must have an official Golf Canada / GAO handicap index. As Osprey Links, and most golf courses in Canada, adopted the new World Handicap Index, it only makes sense to rely on the service in place by Golf Canada. Hence, the new pre-requisite to participate in this year’s Net Match Play Event.