Arguing About Golf Rules

When not in competition, I have to say that I do not follow all the golf rules. Of course I take all my penalty strokes and keep the spirit of the rules at the forefront of my game, but I do not go through all the motions of every rule. And, I do not care if my playing partner follows the rules at all. It is completely up to them, it is their game. Continue reading

Qualifying for The Champions Tour

Six months ago, I asked the question if The Champions Tour needed to lower their qualifying age. I met great resistance and most of the comments received indicated that things are fine just the way they are and a change would upset the balance of the golfing world. Okay, that is a bit of an overstatement, however I am sure you understand my meaning. However, I wanted to quickly revisit this question for just two reasons, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Continue reading

Is Tiger Woods Making a Come Back, Again?

With the rampant speculation about Tiger Woods return to professional golf, I wonder if he is really going to try to make his 4th comeback. After posting a video on Oct 7 of his golf swing, more than 400,000 stopped by to take a look. It is amazing that he still garners that much attention and interest. In the big scheme of things, I understand why, but I just do not get it. Continue reading

Vying for Dominance in My Golf Game

Being ‘the best golfer they can be’ is something that most amateurs strive for; they may deny it to protect their ego, however playing their best all the time is always the goal. Being the best is admirable, but being dominant is something different. We have all encountered that athlete that seems to effortlessly excel at their sport and golf is no different. These players seem to have that something special that most of us are missing, yet continue to strive to attain. Continue reading

#GOLFCHAT Articles Worth the Read!

As in previous posts, some #GOLFCHAT authors have put pen to paper and have attacked a difficult topic. This month’s topic:  “Millennials are ______ golf!” I hope you enjoy the different views and thoughts about the golf industry and how the younger generation is or is not living up to their responsibility to grow the game. I hope you enjoy reading their articles and feel free to drop them or me a line! Continue reading