Chipping for Success in Golf

Chipping for success in golf is a given. All golfers, whether they think so or not, are trying to sink every shot. I know that sometimes we say things like “If I get this close….”, but to be realistic, we are always trying to make every chip. However, percentages tell us that we are not always successful, yet it does not change our intent. Recently, two instances happened when I was playing where chipping was at the forefront of someone’s success on the links. Continue reading

Mental Focus for 18 Holes of Golf

Mental focus is different than mental toughness. On the surface, they might seem the same, however, to me they are two completely different states of mind. Although golfers require both, they are not applied equally during any round. And yesterday during my early bird round, it became very clear that my lack of mental focus cost me my first sub-par round of the year! Continue reading

Golf And Fitness – More Than Just A Myth

Over the years, I have discussed the many fantastic benefits of golf. I believe that golf is fantastic for my mental and physical health and as such is one of the reasons I started The Grateful Golfer. Recently, Matthew from, reminded me that golf really is beneficial to my well-being and thought it important to share an article written by Steven Keipert.  To my surprise, I was mentioned as a source in the article.  Continue reading

US Open Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Brooks Keopka for winning the 117th US Open. The final round was very exciting with many charges up the leaderboard. None more exciting than
Hideki Matsuyama. Early in the club house at minus 12 added a pinch of excitement for the viewers. The final round was by far the most exciting of the four rounds. Continue reading

US Open: Moving Day and Beyond

Moving day at the US Open did not disappoint. I was waiting for some amazing golf and the third day at Erin Hills was it! The leaders kept making the knockout punch against their competitors and they all responded in kind. I found the seesaw battle of the top 10 finishers amazing; none of the players carded anything worse than a 68; with a 63 and 65 thrown in the mix!

If someone was tuning in for the first time this weekend and just looked at the scores, they would never think it was moving day at the US Open!

Continue reading