Looking for Golf Drills on GIR

What does it take to make a good golfer great? As you read this question, something immediately to mind. For each of us, that special something is what we seek while practicing or playing. Knowing what is important to your game takes a bit of thought and introspection. It is something that examine on a routine basis, however in the off-season I take more time to look at all areas.

It is easy to grab the low hanging fruit and say I need to work on my putting or driving (and that is probably true, but don’t we all). I like to dig deeper and look for those couple of fixes that will help my overall game. It is the 20 / 80 rule that I use to improve my game. And this off-season I have already decided on my first order of focus next season. Continue reading “Looking for Golf Drills on GIR”

Golf Off-Season Activities

The cold weather is creeping up. Spending the day in the cool temperatures uses more energy than expected, but it helps stoke the fire of change. Transitioning from fall to winter comes new and old activities. I enjoy golfing, yet I wait in anticipation for my off-season activities. Over recent years, I have tried several different activities, but one has stuck and this year I plan to snowshoe more than before. Continue reading “Golf Off-Season Activities”

Fixing Your Golf Clubs

Through the years I have owned 5 sets of golf clubs and double the number of specialty clubs. Over 40 years of play, I have only fixed 3 clubs. They were part of a full set of Ping Eye 2 Red Dot that belonged my father. He gave them to me at his passing and I still have and cherish them. Because of their value to me, I retired them many years back in the hopes of preserving them a little longer. I happen to come across these clubs recently and among other things, it start me thinking about the nature the golf club market. Continue reading “Fixing Your Golf Clubs”