Guest Authors at The Grateful Golfer

Spring is just around the corner!

Hey Grateful Golfers, how is your day going? I hope your Thursday is going very well and that you are creating the day you want.

Today’s post is a bit different from others because I need help trying to make a decision. Over the past year, I was asked if I allowed guest authors at The Grateful Golfer. I tabled all the requests because I was not sure if I wanted to open up my blog to others. Continue reading

Which Golf Club First?

The golf season is fast approaching. Some of my friends are heading south to get a jump on things and others will head indoors somewhere to warm up their swing. Personally, neither option is open to me, but I know spring is just around the corner.

When I head to the first open practice area, I always have a bit of a dilemma on which club to use first. The excitement of hitting golf balls sometimes overshadows my logic on preparing for the season. I am sure many of you feel the exact same way! Continue reading

Golf’s Wisdom of the Ages

Being Wise is about asking the right question!

Every  golfer knows that players who shoot low scores hold the secret to gaining wisdom. They have the skill to do what only a few people can and, as such, are regarded with envy. Most amateurs feel that way about professionals because of their ability to make a golf ball do amazing things. Yet, amongst that group of great golfers, there are always a few who can rise above the others because of their wisdom relating to all aspects of golf. Continue reading

The First Day of Spring

It is officially here! The first day of spring has arrived without any fanfare or celebrations unless you are a golfer from the north. This special day is the first sign that the golf season is quickly approaching and it is time to prepare. For some, this means dusting off the clubs and waiting; others, like myself, this means that my ‘to do list’ just grew tenfold. Continue reading

Ripping the Band-aid Off

I remember as a kid the pain I endured when having to remove a band-aid from a cut. In days past, the adhesive used was akin to crazy glue and once it was on your skin, it was near impossible to get off. So I would slowly, painstakingly, remove the band-aid and endure the excruciating pain (or at least as a kid it was excruciating). That was of course, until my mother showed me another solution. Ripping that sucker off in a flash! It was extremely painful, but only lasted for a couple of seconds!

Continue reading