How to Win A Golf Tournament…The Answer

Carnoustie shirt follow through 1
Hitting last in a scramble tournament!

Yesterday, I left you hanging. I quickly left a brief statement that I did not have the time to explain the sure way of winning a golf tournament! Well today, I am going to explain my view and why I think this way!

Before I explain my methodology, it is important to explain that this methodology transcends all tournaments, but there are some variations for each format. For today’s explanation, I will focus on the scramble format. My suggestions work for me, but I have found that they work regardless of the team composition. Are you interested?  Continue reading

It Never Rains on the Golf Course!

Just a bit wet at Osprey Links Golf Course!

Last Friday, I was grateful to have my nephew Darwin drop into town for a quick 18 holes. We had planned this outing for a while, but never seemed to find the right time. Finally, we made the plan and he drove up early in the morning because we had a 7:30 am tee off. The only thing we did not count on was the rain.

Ever the optimist, I told Darwin not to worry because it never rains on the golf course. I told him that I had watched the weather forecast and we were good to go…..well, famous last words. Continue reading