Playing the Long Game in Golf

The long game in golf is critical to low golf scores.

Hitting the ball long off the tee has it benefits. Anytime my opponents are consistently out driving me by 20+ yards, I wonder if I am missing out on an opportunity to improve my scores. Of course most golfers understand the benefit of the long game as they are closer to the green for their approach shot. There is merit to this logic, however the long game is not only about hitting your driver or 3 wood; it is about you mid to long irons that are hit as often as the woods. The mid to long irons are most ignored clubs in golf and warrant some attention. Continue reading

Being Prepared Helps My Golf Game

As I sit in the chemotherapy chair for part two of my 2-day treatment (second treatment), my mind races through all the tasks I need to complete everyday to prepare my mind and body for a success.. If you have never experienced cancer treatment as a patient, caregiver, family member or friend (I pray you never will), it is hard to fathom the multitude of tasks needing completion every day. I thought I was busy before, but now it can be a bit overwhelming. I do not think I will ever say ‘I do not have time’ to do something again. On a side note it is just as bad for the caregiver or family member helping every step of the way! My wife and best friend Teri can attest to that, she is awesome and a blessing everyday. I am grateful for all she does!

Well, how does this relate to golf. The obvious statement is if you do not practice a certain swing, you will not improve. This tenant is true for just about everything one wishes to improve upon, but there is so much more to your golf game than just practicing. Continue reading

Winning At Golf

Okay you golf geniuses, what is the secret at winning at golf? There must be some magic formula that ensures I can walk into the winners circle more often than not. Is it a big secret that only you know and will not share? I mean come on, I need to know!

If the above paragraph sounds like questions you ask or even wonder about, then read on because I have the secret to winning golf tournaments. It is not a quick fix, but it is a sure-fire way to win at golf. It is not a quick solution, but it is simple and prove from my many years of playing.  Continue reading

Product Review: PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses

PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses while playing golf is a growing trend. Of course this might be an over simplification, but many of my friends wear them and yet, I have never really been a fan.

Recently, I was approached by Nicholas Feaser from PeakVision wondering if I was interested in providing a product review. I explained that if I was to provide an assessment, I would give my honest opinion of the product and not hold back. Before I get into the details, I do not generally wear sunglasses because I find it hard to read the greens. However, after my test run yesterday with the GX5s, I think I am a new convert.

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Men’s Night at Osprey Links Golf Course

I love playing in Men’s night. It is an opportunity to play some fun golf with absolutely no pressure. Last Wednesday, approximately 45 players(normally closer to 100 during mid-season) teed it up for a straight 4 man scramble. No special rules, nor were there any restrictions on putts or drives. It was a great game and to top things off, our regular crew was back together for the first time in 2018 with the exception of Jimmy D. He was an add on and fit in perfectly with Blair Rick and I. In case you are wondering, Men’s Night is more than just golf and here is why!

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