How Far Would You Travel to Play Golf?

Living in Canada, travelling just for golf is a given. “There are an estimated 2,400 golf courses across the country, while Statistics Canada pegs the number of golfers in Canada at about 1.5 million. That’s one course for every 625 players, or 14,500 Canadians—among the highest number per capita in the world.” (Mcleans 2014) However, once you leave the Trans-Canada highway or 401 / Golden Horseshoe corridor, options for golf become less and less.

For example, within 100 km (60 miles) drive of Trenton, Ontario, (where I lived at the beginning of the 2016 golf season), there were over 80 golf courses. Now I live in North Bay, Ontario, and there are only 12 courses within the same distance. My options of quantity and quality diminished greatly, but my desire to travel for golf has not.

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Chipping Practice – Always Learning Something

Practice is the cornerstone to great golf. It allows everyone to try different methods of making different shots. Practice helps players iron out the kinks and create a repeatable swing under pressure. Practice helps players prepare to shoot low golf scores.

Two days ago, I hit the range to work on my ball striking and more importantly my short game. After hitting a large bucket of balls (which really did not help my game much) I headed to the chipping area. I was intent working on my weight distribution and ball position. Continue reading “Chipping Practice – Always Learning Something”

Golf Infographic: Nearest Point of Relief

One of my more popular posts explains the concept of Nearest Point of Relief. It is an important stroke saver that many players do not quite understand. Therefore, in addition to my previous post, here is an infographic that I think will help.


If you have ever played a round of golf, understanding the concept of the nearest point of relief is important!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!