Golf Infographic: Nearest Point of Relief

One of my more popular posts explains the concept of Nearest Point of Relief. It is an important stroke saver that many players do not quite understand. Therefore, in addition to my previous post, here is an infographic that I think will help.


If you have ever played a round of golf, understanding the concept of the nearest point of relief is important!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Golf – My Evolving Perspective

Success in golf is measured in many forms. Regardless of where you stand, a particular golf shot may be considered awesome, average, or sub-par. The conditions by which everyone looks at a particular shot is really a matter of perspective.

Golf – A Matter of Perspective is an article I wrote at the beginning of 2016 that outlines my philosophy on how golf shapes my life. I still stand by what I said, however, just 8 short months later, I find my perspective evolving. Continue reading “Golf – My Evolving Perspective”

Golfing Mafia

How often do you plan a round of golf with friends? For many, they do not like playing with anyone else; it is their friends or nothing. Normally, this staunch approach to golf goes unnoticed by most in the golfing community.

Through the years, I was a member where a cadre of older players who rarely play with anyone but their friends seem to control the comings and goings at the course. Actually, these groups are like a little golfing mafia who set the tone for the entire course. Continue reading “Golfing Mafia”