Unbelievable Drive By Rory McIlroy

I normally do not just repost a golf shot without any explanation, however today will be my first. I am still in awe by the results of Rory McIlroy’s driver.

Personally, I am ecstatic to be within 4 feet after my second shot on a 350 yard hole. Simply amazing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Changing Your Chipping Sequence

Chipping is an important shot that allows players to lower their golf score. This statement is not profound, but needs to be repeated from time to time. As an important topic of discussion, I realized that the plethora of interest points on chipping cannot be covered reasonably in one article. Keeping this in mind, I thought that talking about the differences between chipping and hitting should be broached. The chipping sequence is different than that of hitting in the fact that it is a less of an explosive movement. Chipping is more controlled and relies on a more gentle touch when making contact. To achieve this softer feel, our chipping sequence is very important.

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Feeling Gratitude Than Needs To Be Shared

Yesterday, I had a routine medical procedure to ensure that my health is on a positive path. As it turned out, the procedure went very well and I feel great. It was maintenance thing that needs to be performed every 5 years. Now that I briefly outlined the situation, I need to share why I am feeling gratitude!

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Making An Unexpected Long Putt

We have all made long putts before. I am not sure the longest I have ever made, but I am confident it was similar (probably longer 😉 ) to Adam Schenk at the Valspar Championship on the weekend. Schenk just looked it over and slammed his ball into the cup. It was an amazing shot and it help him maintain his lead during his round. It was very nice to watch and reminded me of how following a putting process helps improve our chances to making such putts. It is not complicated, but is a necessity.

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Driver Spin Destroys Distance

Too often I hit what I think are great drives only to realize that the distance was not near what I expected. Although I hit my driver very well, there are times when my ball seems to fall out of the air for no reason. Well, after some research (in the past) I realized that I created too much spin on the ball when hitting my driver. Sometimes the RPM would be thousands of rotations above the accepted norm of approximately 2500 rpm when hitting my driver off the tee. The results is a shorter hit and increased frustration.

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