Walking 27 Holes in Golf

Not the brightest decision of my golfing season. On Wednesday past, I did just that….I walked 27 holes carrying my clubs. I have carried for 18 holes plenty of times, but 27 holes, very rarely. As I looped the course, I realized that carrying clubs for 6 hours is not an easy feat.

As I was entering my 5th hour, I started to think about the benefits and necessities of carrying a golf bag for so long. As I thought about it later, I realized a couple of important tips that might be of use to everyone. You never know who is going to want to loop 27 holes carrying their golf bag.

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The Last Men’s Night of the 2016 Golf Season

After playing an exciting 18 holes during the intersection finals, I signed up to play 9 more at the last Men’s Night of 2016. I can say that after walking 27 holes, I was tired and ready for a rest. Interestingly, my fatigue did not detract from an outstanding last round.

We started on the 1st hole at 5 pm. It gets dark around 7:20 pm so there is not much time to waste playing 9 holes. This week Blair, my usual playing partner, and I were team with Gil and Wayne. We have seen these two gentlemen around the course, but have not played with them. Well that all changed and for the better! Continue reading “The Last Men’s Night of the 2016 Golf Season”

Intersection Golf Final – The Results

Yesterday I competed in the 22 Wing intersection golf finals. The format for the intersection matches was a 2-person scramble / match play. After 5 months of league play, it all came down to one match between the two top teams. The league play set the ranking for the playoffs and since our team finished highest in the standings we were given the number one spot.

Having defeated the number 4 team last week, it was time to face the 2nd ranked team, as they also won last week. Walking towards the first tee, all four players knew that this year’s final would be a seesaw battle. And what a match it was! Continue reading “Intersection Golf Final – The Results”