Review of Antigua Golf Shirts

A golf shirt is one of the more important pieces of golf apparel. A proper fitting shirt helps to promote freedom of movement needed for a smooth golf swing. Too restrictive or too loose of a shirt will definitely affect a player’s ability to fully complete the movements required during their swing. In December I received two golf shirts from Antigua to review and determine if they meet the requirements of an amateur golfer.

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Fantasy Golf Leagues

Do you belong to any Fantasy Golf Leagues? I do. A couple of years back, just for fun, I decided to join four of them from PGA Tour Fantasy Golf. I have had moderate success (usually in the top 3rd of the standings) by following the same process until this weekend. Realizing that my current selection criteria was not working, I decided to deviate from the norm and try a different approach. Well, what a difference! Continue reading

Match Play Format in Golf

Match Play format is suppose be the big equalizer in golf. It offers an opportunity for a player to rebound quickly if they have a blow up hole. Each hole is its own competition and each player has the opportunity to gain 0, half, or a full point. At the end of the round, we add up all the points and the player with most points win. Of course, there is more to playing in a Match Play event, but that is a discussion for another day. Continue reading

Are You a Fair Weather Golfer?

Lately, the weather has not help my game as the course is very wet. If we receive 3 days of sun in a row, we are very lucky. It is during those sunny days that most of us flock to the course in attempts to play as much golf as possible. I am not against playing in the rain, but even I have limits.

Friday morning until about 1 pm, it had rained on and off, but I held out hope that the weather would cooperate. In the afternoon, I played the weather game and hit the course because the forecast called for sunny skies. As I drove to the course, I thought the sun might peek out from behind the clouds, but that hope ended up being folly. Continue reading

Too Much Faith In One Golf Club

In my early golf years, I carried a full set of clubs, but never came close to hitting more that 5 or 6 during any round. The reason for my limited club selection was the lack confidence in my ability to effectively hit those clubs that gather dust in my bag. There were two clubs I over relied upon to help me score low, however, in hindsight I realized that my approach was hurting my golf game. Continue reading