Tiger Woods Caught Cheating – Do Not Judge Too Soon!

With all the different news going on in golf, it is easy to point fingers. I for one, try to avoid being judgmental because the “glass house” adage always comes to mind. But when one of the greatest golfers of all time breaks the rules with no concern for the rules or consequences, the I have to comment!

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Most of us have heard this saying before and it really is prevalent in my golf game. For years I focused on making significant changes in my game and strove to shoot low golf scores. It is a journey I continue to embrace, however I have learned that being too focused on one aspect of my swing may not be the best for my overall game.

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What is the Right Way to Chip a Golf Ball?

Depending on who you talk too, there are many ways to chip a golf ball. My darling wife asked me that very question a few days ago and I told her to do what feels natural. Now, I am a strong believer that players like Phil Mickelson have more to to offer on this subject than most can absorb; yet I continue to follow his teachings. But for players like my wife who have to work through what is best for them, Phil’s teachings are too detailed for her growing skill-set. So, this goes back to the question, What is the right way to chip a golf ball?

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High Soft Golf Shots by Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson has started to share his wisdom in shot videos. I for one appreciate his efforts to educate the masses. His recent clip on how to hit a hit soft shot, not a flop shot, is perfectly timed because I am working on chipping in my basement off my DIY chipping mat.

What I like about this video is that he focuses on the weight distribution. I have mentioned this many times in previous articles that having most of our weight on the lead foot is critical to great chipping. Phil definitely empathizes this point.

He also mentions the importance of letting the club do all the work. So many times I have watched players mess around with the lie of the club only to skull their ball across the green. Our equipment is designed to help our golf swing if would only let it.

Finally, watch his follow through. It finishes very high. Like working in the bunker, a high finish is key to a success chip from any distance. We often think we need to abbreviate our follow through because of a shorter distance, well Phil just proved that is just not so.

I hope this tip helps your game, I know it will help mine.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The LPGA Tour #DriveOn Campaign

Two days ago the LPGA is unveiling its new brand positioning that embraces its history and pushes toward the future with two simple words: Drive On. I like the promotional video and as a proud father of an awesome daughter, I fully support their approach.

My daughter participated (and still does) in many sports. She is a smart, gifted, driven person who can accomplish anything. I wish more messages like #DriveOn were available when she was growing up. Programs like what the LPGA will empower other young ladies to be successful and this is a good thing.

If you want to read more, check out the #DriveOn initiative here.

I realize that this is a new branding approach for the LPGA, but I think it is a good one for them and for golf. If we want to grow this beloved game, then approaches like #DriveOn need to surface and provide a positive view to success. Thanks to the LPGA for taking this strong approach to empowering women to succeed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!