An Often Overlooked Part Of Your Golf Swing

The golf swing has been dissected, broken down, over-analyzed, nit-picked and just plain destroyed. With so many ‘experts’ offering their advice, it is a challenge for many amateurs to sift through the minutia. I know I am challenged regularly to ensure I do not follow ‘The White Rabbit’ down the rabbit hole in to the a Wonderland of craziness. Understanding that the golf swing is very complex, I find that the follow through is often overlook as a core fundamental movement when swinging any golf club.

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Does The Type of Golf Ball Really Matter

I realize that this topic has been batted around more times than we can count, but I do have a point that might make a difference in how you select which golf ball to play. Believe me I have tried many different makes and models over the years and the type of golf ball does make a difference in my golf scores.

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Health, Fitness, and Golf

Do you know the common denominator that drives success in the areas of health, fitness, and golf? It is a constant and interrelated quantity that affects how well we improve in these and many other areas of our lives. Of course the simple answer is time! There is only a limited supply of it and depending on where you spend it, will depend on how successful we are in all aspects of our lives.

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Relying On Your Best Club For Low Golf Scores

Every golfer has that one favourite golf club. It is the stick that they can hit consistently and effectively most of the time. Generally, the higher the handicap, the limited number of clubs that you would consider your favourite. However, as you become a lower handicapper, this one club will expand and in my case it has expanded to four. Yup, I have four favourite clubs that I rely on to shoot my lowest golf scores. Let me explain.