Tips For The Beginner and Experienced Golfer

When fledgling golfers take up the game, they sometimes wonder about the basic nuances of the game. Well, not to worry because I found a video that will help you to start building a knowledge of the game that can be a great part of your leisure time.

Tip number 11 is a very good tip that many beginners overlook. I played many inexpensive balls over the years and realize that I did not always have to pay a great deal of money to find the ball that fits my game. I was never limited or loyal to a manufacturer because I believed and believe that each has something to offer every golfer.

The decision to play a specific ball is a personal one and I wish you luck on your pursuit of the perfect ball for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Staying Positive and Motivated During A Round Of Golf

Every golfer experiences moments of frustration and down right disappointment with their golf game. During every round, we hit poor shots (sometimes way more than we want) mixed in with great shots. Other times the opposite is true. Regardless of which game shows up, my experience shows that staying mentally positive and motivated is the best way to dampen the poor hitting moments during each round of golf.

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Home and Away Golf Tournament

For the second year in a row, I was invited to the home and away golf tournament between the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort and Osprey Links Golf course. The format for this friendly match is a two person scramble match play. Each team has seven pairings with one point awarded for each nine holes won. Half points are permitted. Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort hosted the first leg of this year’s tournament. Yesterday, converged at Mattawa to start the fun and create a whole new set of golf stories. It was a great day had by all.

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Having Fun In Our Three Person Scramble

Yesterday, I played in a three person scramble with my friends Rick and Fernando. We have played in events before and we felt confident that we could compete with the other teams. As it turned out, we did not play as well as we had hoped, but that is okay because the company was fantastic and the course (Osprey Links) was in fantastic shape. We finished at minus 2 and left many birdies on the course; is that not always the way!

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Hybrids vs Irons vs Woods

Selecting the right clubs for your game is a challenge. I have changed the composition of clubs in my bag many times over the years. I have added, removed, revisited, and lamented over which clubs would best suit my game. I know it this might fly in the face of convention, but there is really know right answer to the question of which clubs a golfer should carry. All I can tell you is that each club has its unique use and depending on the state of your game, different clubs are required. Hence, the different assortment of through the years met my requirements to maximize my skills at that time.

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