Golf Blogs to Follow

simple and complicatedReading about golf is fun and entertaining. The plethora of sites cover every possible aspect of golf and provide an opportunity for golfing fans to share their thoughts. I think it is important to share all things golf, so I figured sharing some interesting golfing blogs would be of interest to you.

So, I thought I would name drop some golf blogs I check/read daily. Each offers something unique and they are not listed in any order of importance.
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The Best Hole in Golf

The Waste Management Phoenix Open starts today. It is a great event and has a history of creating an atmosphere not found outside a Major! Over the last few years, I have discussed the changes imposed by the PGA Tour on the antics on the 16th hole at the Waste Management professional event. After years of writing articles, I still stand by my views, but maybe there is room for a minor adjustment!

The three articles are Let the Games Begin! Caddie Race and No Caddie Races!

Basically, the PGA Tour continues to try and impose a sense of decorum. I think the Tour believes that the Professionals are losing focus and the crowd is becoming unruly; especially on the last day when the tournament is on the line. However, the players and fans seem to embrace the carnival like atmosphere and I definitely enjoy watching the interaction between the pros and the fans.
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