A Prize for Closest To The Pin

Most charity golf tournaments have little games within each round to afford the opportunity to win prizes. These are difficult to win, but if you do, you generally walk away with a prize of some sort; not to mention epic bragging rights. They are fun games and I always sign up for them if they are not included in the tournament costs. My logic is that it only takes great shot; on never knows when that shot will happen.  Continue reading

Even a Tortoise Wins A Race

We all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare! If not, it is one of Aesop’s Fables and you can read about it here. I think about this story often when I peruse the golf news and see the hundreds (maybe millions) of guarantee fixes that will lower my golf score.

I read some of the claims, but can honestly say that I most do not even catch my attention. However, before you think today’s article will be a rant, it is not. I actually believe that everyday I am panning for that one nugget that will actually help my game. And the quick fix claims are a great resource. Continue reading

Changing Your Golf Glove

Unlike many golfers, I do not wear a golf glove. I realize that most golfers do and recently I was wondering how many golf gloves an average player goes through in a season. I was surprised to know that many players use 10 or more gloves in just one season. That at $15 a glove, that amounts to some serious cash. So, now I am wondering if it is worth the cost or not? Continue reading